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   Chapter 138 If I Can't Get Her, I'll Defend Her (Part One)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6249

Updated: 2020-02-20 00:34

"Alice, do you know why I told you these?" With his hands on the ground, Vincent looked up at the sky. His mood didn't change even though the stars were shining brightly.

Alice didn't answer.

"Alice, I appreciate Brian for his decisiveness. He was a vigorous and resolute man. It seemed that there was nothing that he couldn't do in front of Brian. Having known him abroad, he has been a very interesting man. However, compared with the past, I appreciate him more. The former Brian is not complete at all even though he was quite courageous. Brian had no emotional sustenance at that time, but now his whole life is fresh. When a person wants to guard something, he will usually emit different rays of light. This light gathered into a dazzling light, scattered in the surrounding corners, and makes people feel warm in a chaotic world. "

"Alice, I also want to protect someone now." Vincent looked at Alice. This time, since she did not or could not avoid, she was already locked by his eyes. There was no way for her to escape.

Therefore, she could only keep silent. Perhaps, she had to keep silent so that she was unable to say anything under the gaze of Vincent.

"Alice, I know that Brian is very distressed about Emily's past, and at the same time, I'm also obsessed with your past. I never expect that you can accept me so soon. When I knew whom you fell in love with from Emily, I was aware of it."

Vincent said lightly. When hearing from him that she had a crush on someone, Alice's eyes trembled suddenly.

"He is indeed a man with an attractive look. No wonder you fell in love with him and I won't persuade you to give up. I know you can't give up, but I won't let you go easily, either. You know that once a man sticks to one thing, he often has great power, especially in the aspect of love. You can't stick to it for seven years, and I

that she could feel the warmth of the world, just like what Emily had said to her.

He had never been afraid of anything. But now he was afraid of that Alice would show a sad expression, and that Alice would bury all these in the bottom of her heart, grinning bitterly by herself.

It was inevitable for a man to be careful when he fell in love with someone. Moreover, Vincent, who had inherited the Su family's genes, was one of the members of the Su family. Over the years, there were not any illegitimate children or other concubines in his family. His family were all standing by someone's side all their lives. This temperament seemed to have been engraved in their blood, with a long history.

At the moment when he saw Alice, he sensed that he had fallen in love with her. And then that was the deep love. That was his destiny and he couldn't resist the impulse to do that. Sometimes, he didn't know whether he should thank the blood or hate it.

But after a long time, when Vincent held his son, he would be grateful to the blood, find the love of his life for him, and thanked the blood for the spirit that gave him not to give up, so that he could have a happy time in the future for decades, of course, this was a later story.

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