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   Chapter 136 Be Determined To Protect Her (Part Two)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6078

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What's more, Brian wouldn't conceal the truth from them. Moreover, Emily didn't specially ask him to do that. There was a Su family behind Vincent and Mike was once the heir of the Dylan clan. So it didn't matter if Brian told them or Brian wanted to protect her by the power behind them.

'I am lucky to be loved by someone like him. In return, I earned his love with my lifetime luck, ' she thought.

"Come on, don't be so sad, okay? You don't have such sad face even at the funeral. Besides, it's not so serious. I'm fine here, and that's all in the past."

When it came to the funeral, the three people's sharp eyes were looking at Emily, which made her shake a little.

"Emily, don't talk nonsense." Brian said.

Shrugging slightly, she said, "Yes, it's a joke." These people were really unbearable, but it was also her good luck, wasn't it?

With Wyon following behind, they didn't have to pick up their son in person these days, so Wyon just sent Charles to the World International. And there was Jim following them.

"Oh my God! What happened? Mr. Yun, is the enemy of the World International smashed this place? Where is he? It's so rare that I come here. I can't miss such a wonderful fight."

Charles had been looking around for the so-called trouble maker.

Everyone was speechless and signing. It was no wonder that he was the son of Emily. The words he said were exactly the same to hers, and there was a posture for stirring up trouble.

"Boy, stop pretending. You know what's going on. Don't you think you're smart? Didn't you see the self-injury here? Look at his bloody hand. If you still don't understand, you can just hit yourself to death."

Jim was speechless with shock. He didn't expect that Charles would say such words in front of so many people, but he knew clearly

nute. I'm in front of your company now. Come down and have a talk with me."

"I..." When she was about to say something else, Vincent had already hung up. Looking at the phone, Alice was lost in thought. 'When did I promise to go down?'

She put her phone aside and decided not to care about it. After reading a few pages of documents, she could not calm down. She looked downstairs through the window and saw the familiar car of Vincent.

In the end, she turned off the lights and got out of the company. Leaning against the car, Vincent looked somewhat lonely in the dark, but also a little sad, which she could not see in the daytime.

"What's up?" Alice walked over.

He looked at his watch and said, "Fifteen minutes. I thought Miss Alice would ask me to wait for one hour."

With a cold face, Alice didn't say anything. "I'm not going with you if there is nothing else."

"Miss Alice, I guess you haven't had dinner yet. Do you mind if we have it together?"

Alice's face changed and said, "I don't have time. Bye."

As soon as she finished her words, she walked forward directly. However, as she turned around, her arm was grasped by Vincent. He said to her, "Alice, I need your company."

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