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   Chapter 134 Being Entangled In Different Parts

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"I'm sorry... I don't have this idea. " Star said. She did want to destroy Emily's reputation at that time, but she just wanted to stop her relationship with Sawyer. She didn't want to kill Tristan and his wife.

"If you have such an idea, you can't live here now. You should be glad that you are a member of the Xia clan." So Emily would not do anything to the Xia clan. Even if it was Michael whom Emily hated the most, Emily would give him a huge amount of money to retire as long as he did not interfere with the decision of the Xia Company.

Even though the Xia clan was ruthless, Tristan once cherished and protected the people there. Although Emily didn't like Tristan's kindness and gentleness, she still couldn't completely destroy what he once treasured in his heart.

Emily didn't want to say anything more and asked Brian to drive away.

Star looked at the figure of Emily who was leaving, and the words "a member of the Xia clan" that Emily just said to her just now appeared in her mind. Was she really a member of the Xia clan? She had always thought that she was a very different person in the Xia clan. She just did not expect that the first person to say that to her would be Emily. How ridiculous.

"Let me send you back." Sawyer looked at Star who was in her mind and he didn't want to destroy it.

After all of them left, Selina looked at the empty place and said, "It's so boring."

"I have warned you that you can have some fun with her. But don't go too far. Do you think it's a piece of cake?"

"Charley, why are you angry? I was just playing around. That's not going too far."

"Is it just a little joke? It has involved Brian and Emily."

"I was just punishing the woman for disobedience to me. Who knew that Emily would suddenly come here. What a terrible woman."

Charley stared Selina at with his blue eyes, which were like waves rolling over, making her exhausted.

"Charley, why are you staring at me like that? It's just a joke!" Selina was quite dissatisfied with what happened today. She had wanted to attract the attention of Brian, but now he was not attracted by her, instead, it might cause her some trouble.

"For fun?" Charley walked up, grabbed her arm and turned her around, taking out the thing she put behind her. It was a loaded gun.

"Is it just a joke?"

"I just want to have some fun and protect myself."

"Selina, it is not in France. Have you ever thought about the consequences if you shoot here?"

Selina curled her lips.

"You are too irrational. You have completely forgotten why we are here. If you are so irrational next time, I will ask our family to take you back."

"Charley, don't do it. I haven't had enough yet." Selina held Charley's arm and pleaded in a pettis

ouldn't help but have mental fear of that family even if he thought about or admired that family more.

How could Emily have any relation with that clan? And how could she be chased by the master of that clan? And why did her brother have to give her the life she had now even at the expense of his own life?

It seemed as if there was a line guiding everything, but it seemed to be in a mess. Sean could not help but scratch his head. These things that were good at using the brain really gave him a headache.

The others were not surprised to see Sean like that, so they ignored it.

Rolling the pen at his fingertips, Brian asked, "Mike, did the Dylan family have something to do with the Lance Watson family?"

He said calmly. At the sight of Brian's eyes, Mike felt that Brian's gloomy eyes were about to burst out. Mike knew that if it was possible, Brian would never refer the Dylan family in front of him, because Brian knew which family was a pain in his heart.

Although after so many years, the wound still could be torn up even if it was healed. Mike still knew that since Brian said so, he must have a purpose, and there was indeed an indelible relationship between the family of Dylan and the family of Lance Watson.

"Well, Brian, you have also guessed that the family of Dylan has some trade with the family of Lance Watson since decades ago, and then the Dylan clan have even become an affiliated family."

Moreover, this situation didn't start seven years ago. Even earlier, his clan had been obedient to the members of the Lance Watson clan and was almost the same to the Locke clan.

Mike couldn't stand the decay of his family. What he couldn't bear more was that his family would give up one member's life for the order of that person, let alone that the kid was only a few years old, let alone that...

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