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   Chapter 131 The Kidnapping

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However, Emily was curious about the question why Brian was so good at martial arts. It was strange that the second son of the Yun Company would be so good at martial arts.

"Try not to expose your fighting skills in front of them." There should be no surprise that the Lance Watson clan was behind the Locke family. If the two members of the Locke family were sent here by someone who was in charge, the purpose of them would naturally be obvious. They did it for the sake of Emily.

Before they knew the real identity of Emily, Brian didn't want to cause unnecessary suspicion about her. Her brother arranged everything at the cost of his life. If nothing unexpected happened, he didn't want to break it.

As soon as they arrived at the place that Zoey had told them, several people immediately walked up to them and greeted, "Miss."

Emily nodded and asked, "Is she inside?"


Just as Emily and they were talking, Zoey, Sean and Mike rushed over at the same time.

"Why are you here?" Said Emily while looking at Zoey.

"I am worried about you. Come and have a look."

"Well, it's okay. It seems that Selina just can't help but want to have fun. Don't worry. Let Brian handle it. We can just stand aside and watch the drama." Said Emily in a low voice.

After giving a glance at Brian, Zoey nodded. Brian winked at them. They understood what he meant and walked towards the door. With a smile on her face, Emily followed them, which was kind of comfortable for her to do so.

Inside, Star's hands and feet were tied to the chair, staring angrily at Selina.

"Miss Xia, I hate murder and violence very much, but what I hate more is that someone disobeys me and ignores me."

Selina was holding a small knife and rubbing her fingernails. The sharp knife accidentally cut her skin, leaving blood on it.

"I'm in a bad mood these days, and I am tired of playing with the servants in the villa. Miss Xia is so lucky to be hit by me. I usually do not fight. It's your luck to be chosen by the princess of the Locke family."

"What kind of luck? Shame on you! Let go of me! If something happens to me here, you will come to no good end!"

"Haha, it's really funny. You are just an abandoned daughter of the Xia clan, and a worn-out daughter-in-law of the Sang clan. Who will protect you? Even if you have the Sang clan and the Xia clan, the Locke clan even looked down upon them. What's worse, they don't care you and you don't have anything now. Even if I kill you today, what can you do?"

Selina laughed recklessly, but Star knew that what Selina said was not a joke. It was absolutely easy for the princess of the Locke family to make her

ms hard and got a super scornful glance from Mike. He felt helpless and always felt like being treated as a fool when he came back. His fate was miserable.

"I thought Miss Xia must hate her very much. I was doing this to revenge for her. Miss Xia, you must want to see that."

"Revenge? Miss Selina, it's a bit highfaluting. As far as I know, Miss Selina kidnapped Star here because you are refused by my husband and wanted to join hands with Star to get my husband's love. But you didn't expect that Star would see through your tricks. She knew that cooperating with such a woman like you would make her step into the everlasting perdition. So you just kidnapped her to vent your anger. "

"Am I right?" Emily looked around and found that all the people were in good cooperation. Zoey nodded to them, and Brian smiled. Sean gave a thumbs up and Mike nodded as well.

"You all agree with me. It seems that what Miss Selina did is so outrageous!"

The mockery in Emily's eyes made Selina want to gouge her eyes out. However, she could do nothing but restrain herself. However, she was not as calm as she was.

"Who do you think you are? You are nothing but a poor woman. Don't be so smug just because you have hooked up with Brian. Do you think you are good enough for him? Only I am good enough for his charming face."

"Hold me, honey. I feel like vomiting." Hearing that, Brian held one of Emily's arms. She started to pretend to vomit. She was really about to vomit.

When Sean saw that, he was startled. "Emily, are you pregnant? My boss is going to have a little son or daughter, is he?"

"Don't you see that I am disgusted by her words? I've never seen such a shameless person like you. I'm almost going to bow to her and I'm going to vomit what I've eaten today."

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