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   Chapter 128 You Are So Smart

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"What else did you say?" There was a trace of bitterness in Emily's voice.

"It seems that he has guessed the identity of your brother. At the same time, she asked me about the past of you and your brother, and I told her almost all of what I knew about you." John told her the truth.

"Hehe, when did you become so honest? Do you need to tell him if he asks you?"

"Because I can't avoid eye contact with him." What's more, John and others didn't want Emily to face everything by herself.

"Got it." In the end, Emily could only say these words. But she could guess to what extent John had said, because there were some things that even John did not know, and some things that he would not speak without her permission.

"Miss..." Said John in a different tone.

"John, do you still want to persuade me to put it down until now?"

After keeping silent for a while, John answered, "No." Since seven years had passed and the members of the Locke clan had taken actions, whatever John said was meaningless to Emily now, because what she was going to do had been confirmed and it was difficult for them to change her mind.

After hanging up the phone, Emily looked at the green lives everywhere, which was full of life vitality. It was a pity that her life had lost the most beautiful age, leaving only the most painful memories.

A bitter smile spread across her face. She didn't know when she became so sentimental, or it's just because it involved someone she cared about.

Anyway, she couldn't escape. Besides, she had already realized that Brian would have guessed the result sooner or later. She just didn't expect that he would know it so soon.

When she was about to call Brian, she received a call from him. They seemed to have a special connection in their hearts.

"Where are you?" Brian's deep and hoarse voice came from the phone.

"Cemetery!" Said Emily briefly.

Hearing that, Brian was stunned for a while. Naturally, he had guessed whose cemetery Emily had gone to. Then he asked, "Where?"

Emily told him the address. In the end, she didn't forget to tell him that since he was coming here, he should take Charles because he still had not seen his uncle. Even if what he would see was only a cold tombstone, but at least she should let his brother see her beloved son.

When Brian and Charles came, she was still sitting on the floor, not caring about that at all. After all, there was no place for her to sit.

"You came soon." But Emily didn't stand up. After all, she didn't need to care about too much things in face of Brian and Charles.

"Why are you here? How's your hand?"

Emily sligh

leeping, they would better not disturb his rare enjoyment.

They settled Charles well. After all, he was a child. He would naturally sleep well at the right time. Not to mention that Charles was a smart boy, he knew that Brian and Emily had something to say, even though he was a little upset that there were more and more secrets between them.

But it was more important to know what his mother thought. Even if he didn't know it now, he could pry it out from Brian. After all, his father was in the same line with him in some ways.

"It's so rare that the guy is willing to sleep. Do you think he can hide behind the door and eavesdrop?"

Brian was speechless for the image of Charles in Emily's mind. If Charles knew what Emily had said, he would probably burst into tears.

"I don't think Charles would do such a thing." He would come to ask openly or investigate in the dark. After all, there was a great force behind him that could not be underestimated.

"Well, when did you two get along so well with each other? You really make me jealous."

"In that case, it should be said that Charles have a good blood inheritance. The blood connection let us get close to each other naturally. Why would you be jealous? You knew that no one can shake your position in his heart."

"So you must be jealous, Mr. Yun."

With a smile, Brian answered, "Of course not. I know I'm happy to see it. Charles want to protect you, and so do I." Brian said seriously.

"I know."

She was very worried because she knew a lot of things, and she was also afraid that they would be caught in the nightmare she once had. She didn't want them to suffer from the nightmare.

"At the moment when we got married, we were inseparable." Naturally, he couldn't avoid it.

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