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   Chapter 123 Everything Was Set Up (Part One)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7156

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"How could I forget?" Mike said. He was from the family of Dylan, so he had a keen sense of smell for such things.

An accident happened to the underground world. The influence of the accident took half of the underground force to shake. The police in T City had not suppressed the covert floating force for the whole week. The car accident attracted the representative of the forces from all over the world, including the family of Dylan. Because of this, he had been hiding for a long time.

"I remember that the leader of three underground forces was died in that accident, didn't he?" Brian said, squinting his eyes.

"It's said that but we don't know if it's true or not. It's said that after the car accident, these three forces dispersed, directly causing the reintegration of the underworld forces. After all, these three forces once stood on the top of this road, which can be said to be the top forces and make the command."

Sean cut in. He was looking forward to hearing some stories about them. Unfortunately, he didn't meet them and things turned out to be like this.

"But it's strange!" Mike stated, raising his chin with a finger.

With a smile, Brian said, "It's indeed very strange. In the month after the accident, there was no internal conflict between them, nor any so-called seat for the inheritor. It just came out that due to the suppression of all forces, it was unable to resist. They spread in all directions and then disappeared. There wasn't any news coming out for these years."

Brian tapped his fingers on the desk. The rhythm of his fingers seemed to be able to shake others' heart.

"You mean they aren't scattered at all, but are waiting for opportunities in different places." Vincent said in surprise.

"Maybe they were divided, but not all of them." Brian narrowed his eyes.

"If it's just like you guessed, then why did they hide themselves for so many years? They are the kings in the underground world, and it's not reasonable for them to give up the throne like this." Sean was confused.

"What if this secret is something they have to or they have no other purpose?" Brian

ree people present with a serious expression in his eyes, which made others feel that he was about to say something important.

Therefore, no one escaped from the sight of Brian. Long time ago, they had made corresponding decisions about their lives.

Looking at these three people present, Brian thought there was nothing to hide. They were his brothers to share life and death, so he slowly opened his mouth.

"Seven years ago, the car accident was designed by the elder brother of Emily." Although it was only a few words, they were all shocked a lot.

"What!" Sean jumped up from the sofa and said, "It was designed by Emily's brother." It was like a thunderbolt from the blue sky, and Sean was too shocked to know anything.

After all, there was a huge amount of information hidden in the words 'Emily's brother designed it '. If his brother was the one who plotted the accident, all the people in the car were brought up by his brother. This meant that he had something to do with them.

Those three figures were the leaders of the three giant powers. What's the relationship between Emily's brother and them? What's more, according to the thought of the car accident in that year, Emily's brother wanted to kill these people. Why did he want to kill these people? What's the hatred between them? They thought of the events of these days. So all the people's minds simultaneously came up with a name, Emily.

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