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   Chapter 122 Talk To Brian Again

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"Let's go." Emily walked slowly.

Brian got the grass out of Emily's hand. "The cut on your hand hasn't healed yet, and now, the other one got injured, too. Are you afraid that they will feel lonely?"

"That's right. Then, they don't have to compete with each other." Emily said with a smile.

Brian didn't stop her because he knew very well about Emily and he was able to tolerate all what she did. He checked that the wound on Emily's hand was not deep, neither serious.

"John, seven years ago, those people must have met my brother, right?"

"Yes." John nodded.

"Sure enough..." If they haven't seen him, how could they fall into the trap easily and carry out the original plan smoothly?

Her brother's appearance was part of her plan. After all, those people had been looking for her crazily back then. If they had seen her in T City, they would have followed her. After all, her brother had the same face as hers back then, so even if they had doubts, they would have come to investigate.

"John, has he arranged everything?"

"Yes, Miss Emily was the one who appeared here. All Mr.'s actions in this city would be regarded as yours."

That was it.

"John, in that case, there's no need to hide everything here. Anyway, they are here to check if what happened that year was true or not. Since they came to confirm the information, how can we not let them have their wish?"

The news that she appeared in T city was already known to them. They had confirmed it at the very beginning, and now they wanted to confirm it again after seven years. It seemed that they began to suspect her.

Even Brian sensed the difference in their words. "You and your brother are..."

"Yes. We are twins. We have the same face," Otherwise, they wouldn't have been easily deceived by her and her brother.

"So if there wasn't a car accident that year, those people would have been looking for you."

"There is no need to be surprised. I thought you already knew it."

"Yes, you have a brother who can do anything for you."

Although Brian didn't know much about the relationship between the two of them, he knew one thing for sure that her elder brother had planned everything, including changing the face of Emily, in order to give her a better life in the future.

But when it came to the car accident seven years ago, he seemed to think of something, but he didn't say much now.

Every time when they were in contact with the past, Emily would have a heavy heart. When she came back home and saw Wyon standing next to Charles, she only asked, "Why are you here?"

"Mr. Jim is here. Master is worried about him. He is afraid that Mr. Jim may cause trouble, so he asked me to take care of him."

In the past, Emily would certainly sniff at his words. There were so many good excuses why he didn't fi


"She is not a good man." Mike said simply. He was quite disgusted with the way the Locke clan treated people.

"Agree." Sean said straightforwardly.

"Now, why aren't you in Charm? What are you doing here?" Brian glanced at Sean.

"Oh, I'm concerned about you. I'm here to help you free of charge."

"Okay!" Brian smiled elegantly. As expected, Sean had a bad feeling for his elegance.

"Now that you have done everything, you can go to find out the business of the Locke family over the years, and see where are we going to make it?"

"No way. How disgusting the investigation is!"

"Someone seemed to have said that he could come here to help without any charge. Why did it change so soon?"

"Yes, boss. I'll do it right now." Sean could do nothing but yield to fate.

"Check if there are any other forces entering when we take action."

"You mean..."

Brian smiled and didn't say anything. Vincent also smiled. Both of them smiled gracefully. Mike nodded. It was obvious that Emily was a tough guy and she wouldn't give up so easily. Besides, Selina had clearly expressed her interest in Brian.

As far as they knew, Emily was not a generous woman. One thing was for sure. She was going to make a good show.

"By the way, Brian, why do you suddenly think of the car accident that happened seven years ago?" Vincent had heard from Mike that Brian was going to investigate the car accident seven years ago.

When it came to the car accident, the most sensational one would have been that car accident seven years ago. Although it was only an accident from the eyes of an ordinary person in the city, it had been reshuffled by a lot of forces in the government and the underworld. In addition, several people who had died in that car accident had been terrified when they remembered it now.

"You remember that, too." Brian narrowed his eyes.

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