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   Chapter 121 Car Accident (Part Two)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6196

Updated: 2020-02-17 00:03

The desolation was surrounded by forests, and it was a place hardly developed. What's more, seven years ago, there was a fire which nearly burnt half of the forest. In the past few years, no one had been around. The trees grew again, but the desolate place still couldn't hide anything. What would be hidden in such a desolate place?

If this land belonged to anyone, Brian would not be suspicious, but if it belonged to the brother of Emily, it was really necessary to make people suspect. They already knew what kind of man that man was, and it was hard to believe that he would do something useless, not to mention that it happened seven years ago. It was really doubtful.

Of course, John knew that it was difficult to persuade Emily to change her mind. When Emily arrived, he waited downstairs.

"What do you want to say?" Emily got out of the car and took a look at John.

"Let me take you there. We'll talk after we get there." After John got in the car, Emily and Brian followed him.

Just as Brian said, it was indeed desolate. What came into view was the wild bushes. The trees were growing irregularly because of a fire, which was not the problem that Emily cared.

John led Emily to the depth of the jungle. The deeper they went into the jungle, the more curious they felt. It seemed that there was no road, but in fact, there seemed to be a lot of roads that were difficult to find. At the same time, Brian helped Emily to remove the obstacles on the road ahead.

People who knew the way knew that this jungle was definitely set up when they passed by. Of course, it wasn't a trap. Although it appeared in modern times, it was not a surprise to see something like this now, but this place was obviously not. It was just a good borrow of this woodland, forming a confusing maze. If people didn't know the route seven years ago

ther had risked his life to make her wish come true. This was both a hope and a imprisonment.

Smiling bitterly, Emily slowly walked inside. But Brian didn't stop her because this was the last place that her brother would stay, and she deeply loved him.

Emily looked at the marks on the ground. After seven years, all the marks should have been obliterated. Even if they did not fade, they must be not as before. But why could she still clearly see the hollows on the ground because of the thumps as well as the smell of smoke because of the explosion.

It turned out that it was his brother who did that. He planned for so long for the car accident seven years ago, and he had done so much for that. Sure enough, they were siblings, and they indeed had the same blood, and even the protection of their blood was so alike. Emily could not help but think that if she did not fall into the jail for his brother at that time, maybe she would not let him lose his life.

It was a pity that now everything was a foregone conclusion. There was no if. Now everything was the result. Emily slightly pulled up the grass on the ground, and the sharp branches scratched her hand. The blood dripped into the soil and sank into the ground.

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