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   Chapter 111 Her Background (Part One)

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"It also seems that Moore also wants to talk about this topic with you," Then, he brought Moore out from nowhere quickly.

"It's very difficult for us to avoid the Heavenly Rasetsu intelligence network. And it's understandable that we are found," said Moore in a calm tone.

"Yes, it is." Charles was unhappy, not because he didn't avoid being noticed by the Heavenly Rasetsu, but because he was thinking about the purpose of its investigation on the Locke clan. He cared about whether it would be harmful to Emily or not and why their goal was the same.

"Charles, five years ago, the biggest force in the south provoked the Heavenly Rasetsu. Do you know the result?"

Charles didn't respond.

"After one night, all the forces lurking in different places were destroyed, and their business was broken. Some of them were injured and left, and some of them chose to surrender. The so-called the most powerful force in the South had disintegrated in an instant. To be honest, I'm quite interested in the way of action of the head of the Heavenly Rasetsu. If possible, I really don't want to be their enemy." James said with a smile.

"Of course I'm willing to do anything for the sake of Charles, our cute young master."

James' smile made Charles feel sick. He automatically ignored his words. They had never seen each other before. It was indeed normal. Since seven years ago, all the forces in the underground world had been reorganized. Now, the force that could enable these other forces gather together still didn't exist.

The Heavenly Shadow and the Heavenly Rasetsu had been strong and powerful, but they had not been on the top yet. What's more, they were having fun on their own turf. If anything happened, the stronger ones would be respected. Although in the past, they had been occasionally gathered, The situation had not been as good as it had been seven years ago. Charles had been clear in his mind.

So his deep worry was still there.

"Hey, Charles, don't pul

n and didn't see any expression on his face. He said, "It's highly likely that she belongs to the Locke clan."

"The Locke clan!" Hearing that, Vincent's eyes squinted. He wondered, 'If Emily was a member of the Locke clan, why did she appear in T City? And from all kinds of performances of Emily, who was the person that Emily had avoided before? Could it be the members of the Locke clan? It seemed to be more and more mysterious.'

"I need to ask Emily for more details."

But Brian didn't reply, "How is Emily?"

"Nothing special. I'm afraid we still have to ask the person involved."

"He would know it better than anyone else." Brian said indifferently.

"Do you refer to Jim?" "Aren't you afraid that Emily might know about this?" said Vincent.

"It's enough to get what I want before she knows it."

He was as arrogant as Emily. They were a real couple.

Therefore, when Jim looked at Brian who was coming toward him aggressively, his heart could not help twitching. He forced a decent smile and asked, "What's the matter with my brother-in-law coming here? Emily has left long ago. Maybe she went to Fern."

"I know. That's why I am here."

Jim was a little frustrated. He wanted to run away. But he gave up when he saw Mike and Sean standing at the door. He didn't think he could run out of them.

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