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   Chapter 110 Who Is in The Backstage

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 10155

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"Mr. John, are you kidding me?" Because of the phone in one of her hand and the mutilation of the other, Emily asked Brian to serve her with some fruit. Absolutely, she would enjoy it very much.

"I have confidence in you."

"Mr. John, the woman is the princess of the Locke family and everyone in the family spoils her. Don't think too highly of me." She said while eating the apple.

John didn't plan to continue the topic with her, or else he didn't know what she would talk about.

"Charley should have investigated you."

"Yes, I understand." Charley was a smart man, so he wouldn't get away with it for what Emily had done something strange that day. She was sure that there was no useful information that Charley found, since she had spared no pains to hide her information. It was only an accident that Brian had found it out so quickly.

"What's more, I think you are the target of two forces who are also checking the Locke family recently." Asked John, who seemed to be confused by that.

"Well, that's interesting. Since when I'm so popular?" Emily stood up from the sofa and chewed the last piece of apple in her mouth when waving her hand to stop Brian from feeding her.

"Who are they?"

"Heavenly Shadow, and Heavenly Rasetsu."

'Heavenly Shadow, Heavenly Rasetsu!'! Even Emily was shocked. She didn't know why they investigated her. She thought she had nothing to do with them, and only a very few people knew she was related to the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion. Even if they knew it, they didn't need to investigate her. After all, there was no conflict between the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion and them, and she didn't know why.

Heavenly Shadow and Heavenly Rasetsu had developed their power after seven years ago after the unrest. Although it had been only seven years, nobody dared to deny their existence.

If the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion was the leader of some big forces, then the Heavenly Rasetsu was the one close to a king on the eastern continent. Seven years ago, with the momentum of thunder, the Heavenly Rasetsu wiped away several major forces with cold means and decisive actions. They quickly became the most powerful force in the eastern region, and no one knew exactly which level of power the Heavenly Rasetsu had developed to after seven years to a certain extent.

As for the Heavenly Shadow, it was one of the best group in the underground world of the West. Even though its name was so disgusting, it didn't affect the status at all. Its behavior was unknown and made others catch off guard. However, it stuck to the principle that they wouldn't bother people who didn't attack them, and if someone attacked them, he would be killed.

Anyone who always caused trouble to the Heavenly Shadow didn't have a good end. It was like a blood blade in the dark night, which would cause a lot of wounds if anyone touched it. Nobody knew how deeply it developed over the years, but to be honest, Emily liked the way this force dealt with things, and its style of doing things was very much in line wi

thing is wrong with your son today?"

"Maybe he was not in a good mood during dinner."

"Really?" Emily narrowed her eyes.

A faint smile appeared on Brian's face, but he was also lost in his thought when he saw what Charles had done.

When Brian received Mike's call, Emily was taking a shower. He walked into the living room and said simply, "I'm at home. I have something to talk with you tomorrow."

Mike replied briefly.

"It is almost done with the identity of Emily. In addition, Charley's people have once investigated her, and the Heavenly Shadow is also investigating the Locke family."

"John have told Emily about that."

Mike, who was on the other end of the line, paused for a short while and then replied, "John got the information very soon."

"Mike, investigate John. Perhaps they have complicated background."

In particular, what kind of power did Emily's powerful and unfathomable brother gather for her? Now, Brian didn't know that. But he knew Alice and John were not that simple, but he was curious about whether they would be involved in or not.

"Charley and the Heavenly Shadow?"

"Emily should have been prepared for Charley, keeping your eyes on him. As for the Heavenly Shadow, it is not our enemy."

Mike didn't know why Brian was so sure, but he knew that he has his own reasons, so he didn't ask more.

After hanging up the phone, Brian took a look at Charles' room and thought, 'will it be like what I have thought?'.

In his room, Charles opened a video call.

"Oh my God, my young master, are you missing me too much that you have opened the video call?" James said in a shameless tone.

"Do you think I'm such an abnormal person?"

"Come on, Charles. What are you going to do this time?"

"I just heard that the Heavenly Shadow and the Heavenly Rasetsu are both investigating the matter of the Locke family, so I come here immediately to tell you."

"Haha..." A faint smile appeared on James' face. Apparently, he didn't want to talk about it anymore.

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