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   Chapter 109 Scold The Mistress (Part Two)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6131

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"Do you think you can touch me? You don't even look at yourself!"

She said while smashing everything she could see. She kicked and smashed everything with her hands. The servants knelt down in the living room were all broken. The porcelain flew over the servants' skin. The servant was covered with the blood. She knelt there in fear, but dared not stand up.

The loud noise startled Charley, who was upstairs. He came down with an anonymous document in his hand.

"Who makes you so mad?" Sitting in a safe place and looking at the servant kneeling in the living room, he seemed to be looking at something, without any mercy.

Selina threw another vase to watch the blood flow down the forehead of people kneeling on the ground. The servant's whole body was shaking. Selina was willing to see that. She didn't expect that someone like Emily would dare to challenge her.

She glanced at the woman kneeling in the living room with contempt. The blood red color was really annoying for such a woman. "Get off." There was not a single trace of pity in her eyes. It seemed that she thought she was right.

"Damn it! Emily will pay for what she did today!"

"Did you go to talk to Emily? I have told you not to take any action before investigating!" Charley obviously disagreed with Selina's behavior.

"I'm already there, and it's nothing for you to say that. Besides, it's just Emily. You're being too careful."

"But now it seems that it is this Emily who makes you suffer a lot."

"Haha, I just want to do Brian a favor, or else what end do you think Emily will have? Anyone who dares to provoke me will come to no good end."

Charley wasn't planning on anything to say. "I just want to remind you that Emily is not that simple."

"So, what did you find out?"

"I said that because I didn't find anything."


of us."

Emily really didn't want to say anything. When she just came back from abroad, she felt that John was lethargic and depressed, but why was he so energetic when talking for only a short time?

Emily didn't know that after she came back from abroad, John concentrated on worrying about her. Now that she had married Brian suddenly, they couldn't let go of their worries. After learning about Brian, they gradually changed their views of mind. And at the same time, most of the feelings of Emily were not as before, which made them feel at ease.

"So, you are calling to ridicule me."

"I am calling to inform you that Charley and Selina are not good people. Be careful, Miss Emily."

"Is there a good person in the family?"

"Miss, what's your plan?"

"Zoey has also asked me the same question. At first, I was going to watch the play aside. After all, I don't know their purpose yet, but now it seems impossible."

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, the princess of the Locke family falls in love with my husband and wants to take him away. I have to defend my right."

When Emily was talking, Brian came out with some fruit in his hands. He heard every word that she said.

"Brian is still charming."

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