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   Chapter 108 Scold The Mistress (Part One)

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"I didn't expect you to be so eloquent, and I'm impressed."

"It's just a piece of cake. I have always been impressive, so don't admire me too much. Even if you are going to be reincarnated, you won't be as cute as me. So, just give up early. My husband has a good eyesight. He is not that old to be blind, even if he is still dizzy. If he has a crush on you, I will be disgusting to puke every meal I have eaten for three days. Don't be an eyesore here. So get back to the corner where you are from. "

Her words really made Selina become worthless. She was the beloved daughter of the Locke family and even her uncles would show respect to her. She didn't expect to lose face here.

"You annoyed me, Emily!"

"Well, did I just irritate you now? This lady has great endurance. Well, what's the consequence of provoking you? Do you want to make me lose my arm or leg, or to gouge my eyes, or to tear my mouth or to kill me?"

Even Selina, who had always been a cold and indifferent person, was shocked by what Emily said.

"Miss Emily, you seem to have said something bloody. I'm not a vulgar person."

"Well, you are not a vulgar person, but you don't deserve to be a human. It turns out that I know too little about you. I wonder what you will do today."

The light in Selina's eyes became more ferocious. There was no doubt that if there was a chance, she would rush to Emily and sew her mouth.

"I didn't know Mr. Brian like this kind of woman."

"Of course, my husband has a good taste as well."

Emily was still looking at Selina with a bright smile, but there was no emotion in it, let alone any affection, just coldness and indifference.

"I think we'd better wait and see, Miss Emily. Bluffing is usually the way that people don't have confidence use. And I feel that's what Miss Emily i

n's mother. Do you think I can stay behind you when you are in an uproar? Do you think I will act as nothing has happened after I know your hatred? I am a man, and your husband, not a person who can only be willing to share the happiness but not the hardships with. When you are thinking a lot for me, you are also the one who makes me worried. "

His words sounded sincere, which made Emily feel sorry and have no mood to refute. She said, "I'm sorry."

Anyone who knew Emily well knew what did her words mean. That was why Brian couldn't be angry at such Emily. He held her in his arms and said.

So even if you don't want me to do that, I will interfere with your past. Trust me please. "

She couldn't refute, but could only bear it. That warm embrace made her feel a little relieved. Anyway, she could not stop it. Moreover, what he said always made her want to believe. Why was there a convincing courage for someone who didn't know anything at all?

When Selina got home, the maid walked towards her.

"Miss Selina, Mr. Charley asked you to come back and see him."

"Fuck off!" The servant was kicked down and dared not even climb up. She dared not to make a sound and just squatted down.

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