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   Chapter 107 Trying To Seduce Brian

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9187

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"But I'm afraid this has also been taken into consideration by my brother. He may regard me as a dead man, even though he suspects that I'm still alive. I don't know if he can recognize me with my present face. Even if he can find into my identity, it will take him a lot time. He's not the only one who can decide where to go and what on earth the result would be."

Zoey understood Emily's words and felt sorry for her. "You have Charles, Brian and us with your. Everything will be fine."

Emily smiled gently. She knew that there were always some people who supported her. However, when she heard Brian's name, the corners of her mouth twitched. Thinking of Brian, she felt very helpless.

Seeing Emily's expression, who was not aware of what she had done, Zoey felt a little relieved. He hoped that in the future Brian would live up to him.

Zoey's feelings for Emily from the very beginning had now turned into strong concern for her. Whether he could get any response from her, he would be satisfied as long as he could stay with her.

After chatting with Zoey for a while, Emily looked out of the door and suddenly remembered that Brian didn't say when to pick her up. She wanted to make a phone call. But on the second thought, she thought of what Brian had said this morning. 'Is it appropriate to call him now?

Damn it! I have never been hesitant like now. He was just a man who called Brian, but why did he make me so pissed off?' Emily thought. When she looked at her hand that was bandaged, she began to regret crushing the glass with her hand.

"I'll take you to the World International." Zoey knew that Emily was also good at driving with one hand. He thought that she looked so embarrassed now because of Brian.

"That's enough. I'll take a taxi." 'I just got hurt on her hand. I'm not disabled. I needn't be escorted. It's common for me to get injured like this in the past, ' Emily thought.

"Then tell Brian you take a taxi home."

Brian turned around and saw Emily become spiritless.

When Brian arrived at the World International, the cold aura radiated from him made all the staff shun him. He was still powerful and intimidating.

"What happened? Something happened to autumn?" It was obvious that the person who made Brian behave like this was either Charles or Emily, and most certainly, Emily was at the top of the list.

Brian gave Vincent a cold look.

"Where is Mike?" He didn't answer him but ask.

"He must have gone to investigate things about Emily."

"Okay!" Brian didn't worried anymore when he heard that Mike had been in charge of it. He just waited for his good news.

"It's not good recently." In spite of the seeming peace around them and the surge in the dark, Vincent had become

Oh, at the moment this unknown lady expressed her deep love to you."

Damn it! Emily just came up here and saw such a scene. She was so angry. If it were not Zoey who pulled her, she would have rushed up.

Brian also saw Zoey who stood behind Emily. He nodded for greeting and knew how Emily got here.

"Why don't you come in?"

"I just don't want to disturb the couple who are putting on a love play. It's just too dramatic." Emily sighed with emotion.

"Then why do you come in now?" Brian pulled Emily to the sofa and checked her hand.

Emily didn't seem to care much about the injury, so Jim had specially exhorted him. But now it seemed not bad.

"Now that you have finished the play, I should surely show up and announce the sovereignty to the public and make this lady, who comes from nowhere, be realistic."

Since Emily appeared, Brian never took a look at Selina. She was angry at his neglect. She looked at Emily, and thought that Emily was pretty, but just less charming than her. She didn't know why Brian fell in love with this woman.

"Oh, I see. If Brian belongs to you, you don't have to declare it. Or you just don't have confidence in your mind?" Selina asked in a calm tone.

"I have no choice. There are a few people who are blind in the world. If I don't make it clear, you may think that you still have a chance. Oh, I forgot to say, in this world, except for some who are blind, a few people even don't know who they are. She think that the world is around her, but in the eyes of others, she is just a fool. I'd love to make fun of a fool. What do you say?"

Whoever could win Emily in the quarrel hadn't been born yet. It was obvious that the cruelty in Selina's eyes was fierce. But Emily pretended not to see that and still looked at Selina calmly, as if she was looking at a clown.

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