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   Chapter 106 In A Mess

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9673

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"Charles mentioned his father and mother. They both seem to be not simple."

"Of course, can the parents of the sick boy be the normal people?"

This time, it was Moore's turn to be speechless. "I don't know what the consequences will be if Charles hear this."

"Hey, I'm still the boss!"

Moore gave a super disdainful look at James.

In spite of being glared at like this, James had long since been trained to turn a blind eye to it.

"I care more about Charles' mother, Emily than about Brian."

"Last time, Charles asked me to investigate that. And I do find that Emily is a bit strange."

James didn't answer him, but gave him a meaningful smile. He turned around and looked miserable.

"Alas, poor Charles, it's really pathetic to face these occasions alone. I've decided to go to T City to protect our young master." As he was about to leave, he was grabbed by Moore by the collar.

"Where are you going? Have you forgotten that there is a deal to be made the day after tomorrow? Why do you want to escape?" A shiny dagger appeared in Moore's hand and hopped around his slender fingers.

"How can this be? I'm an irresponsible man. Don't you worry about Charles?"

"Don't worry. If you don't appear there the day after tomorrow, the first thing Charles sees you is to sharpen you. Do you want to bet with me?"

James compromised reluctantly. Although he knew that Moore was exaggerating, he didn't deny what Charles would do it.

"Charles has always been of many ideas. Now that you come there, it may be difficult for him to deal with the things. In addition, I always smell something unusual these days."

A sharp silver dagger flashed across Moore's hand. James didn't say anything and looked out of the window. It seemed that a lot of people had begun to lurk in the dark, but he wasn't sure why there was such a disturbance.

It was rare for Emily to sleep well last night. She thought she would have a nightmare when she saw the two persons, but she didn't. She had been preparing for the war for a long time, perhaps because she felt relieved when she saw them.

Looking at her to be like this, Brian and Charles felt relieved. But that was Emily. After all, Emily was a woman who was with a short trance but would never be what she was like yesterday.

"Hey, why are you looking at me like this? Am I more beautiful after a sleep, so you miss me so much?"

"Mommy, it's still early. I want to have breakfast."

Emily was speechless.

"What plan?" On the contrary, Brian went straight to the point, and there was no need to have a slight fight with her.

Of course, Emily knew what he was asking about. "One should pay his life for a murder or pay his debt with money. Just let them pay back."

Said Emily in a casual way, without noticing the rage of blood in her words.

But Brian didn't care about it. He asked, "what do you want? Do you

between us,"

"Just be careful."

Zoey knew that persuasion didn't work on Emily at all. He also knew how the Locke family had hurt him, which made him feel sorry for her and couldn't stop her.

"Sorry, Zoey. You are wrong. They should be careful," Emily was arrogant.

"Even if that man disappeared, he still had influence behind the Locke clan."

"Do you really think that man is dead, Zoey?" Emily's slightly long eyes were filled with the smell of blood.

Zoey said in shock, "John said that the car accident that year could not be escaped. No one escaped from it." Neither did Emily's elder brother, whom Zoey really admired.

"It's inevitable, but Zoey, do you think he'll die that easily? Don't forget who he is. He's the top on the way. From the beginning of his life, he has gone through the days filled with knives and swords and he could lick the blood on the edge of his knife. How can such a person lose his life because of a car accident?"

"It was young master who personally made this trap back then." So even that person might not be able to escape from that accident, Zoey believed in the plan of Emily's brother.

"Yes, my brother's plan was perfect. He sacrificed himself because of the car accident, and all the forces were shuffling. But Zoey, I know that he is not dead." Said Emily, poking her heart.

Zoey didn't deny what Emily thought. Neither of them knew the man better than Emily. After all, Emily had been imprisoned by that man since she was a few years old. She had led a miserable life. He didn't know exactly what Emily had experienced during that period. He only knew that that man had ruined Emily for decades.

"If so, young master..."

"Zoey, I once had such a wish as well. I've been expecting that my brother is still alive, but I've waited for nothing for seven years. I'm tired, so a few days ago, John took me to see his tomb. It's a good place, but it's cold."

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