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   Chapter 105 The Investigation

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But just as Emily couldn't hide anything from them, Brian couldn't hide it from Charles. His son was too smart, and grew up in the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion, so he knew everything.

"Charles, when did you start to accept the training of the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion?" It was obvious that he had been trained in the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion to improve his fighting skills.

"Since I was three years old." He wasn't surprised at his father's question. After all, he knew that his father was an unfathomable person.

He hadn't been able to determine what kind of father he really was, but it was too monotonous for him to just have the identity as the CEO of the World International.

When he was three years old, many people were still enjoying the happy childhood and acting like a spoiled child in their parents' arms at that age. Charles had entered another world.

"Mr. Brian, I begged my grandfather to teach me. Don't think too much." He didn't want to see their guilty looks.

It sounded like Emily's son, "did your mommy agree?"

"At first she didn't agree, but then I was so happy and serious, so she didn't interfere too much." Charles didn't understand why Brian asked such a question all of a sudden.

Brian didn't think it was necessary to explain to him. Actually, Emily was also in a dilemma at that time. On one hand, she wanted to give him a perfect childhood. On the other hand, she wanted him to be able to protect himself in the future, because she had anticipated that Charles would be in danger in the near future.

Now, Brian could understand all of them. When Emily proposed to get married, she did so with all of her efforts to keep Charles unharmed.

At the first sight he saw Emily, Brian knew he had been chosen not because he was the biological father of Charles. When he had been told that he had been selected as the CEO of the World International, he had not been surprised. Instead, he wanted to know what interesting thing she would do.

However, Brian didn't expect himself to be gradually trapped in the arrogance of Emily. And he knew that Emily didn't expect that too. Now he had no doubt that she had entrusted Charles to him with a marriage at the beginning, but she didn't expect that she was also involved in it.

Emily thought that now that she had gone through a lot of hardship, perhaps it was better for her to be frank with him, regardless of her hatred and love for him.

Brian had never been so grateful as he built the World International at the very beginning, and with the current size of the World International, he had become more qualified to be Emily's first admirer. Furthermore, he was even more grateful that there was a son between him and Emily, so that Emily could bet everything on Charles.

"Charles, you have a good mom."

"I always know

James was in a state of shock.

"What's wrong? What's that look on your face?"

"You investigated Charles?"

"You have heard it, haven't you?" said Moore with a look of dislike.

"Aren't you afraid that he knows it? If he knows it, you will be miserable."

"Only for you." They were all surprised by the way Charles performed and how he behaved when he was introduced by James. James had investigated him, but his investigation was fruitless.

"You didn't find anything, right?"

"It seems that you are not surprised at this result." Said Moore lightly.

Hearing that, James smiled with certainty.

"I can tell from Charles' appearance that he is an extraordinary five-year-old boy who is very calm in the face of the fierce gunfire and bullets. If he hasn't seen such a scene before, how could he be so calm? The people behind Charles must be unordinary."

"Oh, it's so rare that you will think carefully about Charles' thing, so that if Charles will know that, he would be flattered." Moore said coldly.

James was rendered speechless. "What kind of person I am in your eyes? After all, it's me who brought Charles here, so I should take some responsibility."

"Oh, I guess there must be something wrong with you tonight. Responsibility is a much more rare thing to hear from your mouth."

James decided not to argue with him. The reason was obvious that he couldn't win in this argument. The teasing skills of Moore and Charles were really appalling.

Moore was also relieved to hear that. Although James seemed to be careless, he knew everything he should know, or there wouldn't be so many people around him.

But he also knew that James should not be praised. Otherwise, he would leave all his business and disappear for a month or two.

"I don't know why Charles did this."

The low and soft voice of James also aroused Moore's thoughts.

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