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   Chapter 104 Hatred

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"As long as you don't forget our business, I didn't care how you want to play for the rest of the time."

"Don't worry about me, Charley." Her fingers frivolously touched Charley's neck, and Charley escaped her hands.

"I'm not the one you should seduce."

"Oh my God! We are brother and sister, why did you get that idea from me?"

"I don't forget how Jerome died."

"Brother Charley, don't treat me unjustly. My brother Jerome was only punished because he had disobeyed the order. That's none of my business."

No one knew the truth better than Charley, but it was obviously unnecessary to worry about that. The woman in front of him was poisonous and was lethal if he was a bit infected. Even if she was his sister, he would not deny that.

Jim scolded as he pointed at the glass in Emily's hand.

"Do you think your hand is made of iron? Why don't you gripped many pieces of blades?" He said that angrily when he checked her hand that was badly mutilated.

"I haven't found the blades. I can try it next time."

Jim beat the wound with more strength, but Emily seemed not to realize that.

"Well, I didn't mean it." Besides, she didn't expect to see the two at Jeremy's birthday party. Although she knew they would take actions, she didn't expect them to come. Obviously, they were serious about this.

"Why did you do that?" Emily seldom revealed her emotion to others. She knew how to control her emotion. Obviously this time it was not an accident.


If that was the case, Emily wouldn't be like this. Jim knew that what she said was not the truth, but there was nothing he could do. If she didn't want to tell him, he couldn't get anything from her now.

However, the people behind her knew that she was out of control when she saw these two people. As for the relationship between the two people and Emily, it was necessary to know it clearly.

"Do not touch water for the next few days and apply medicine on time."

"When will I recover?" Said Emily, looking at her hands which were wrapped.

"You'll be fine when it's the right time." Apparently, Jim was still angry at Emily. But she didn't ask, because she knew she was in the wrong.

"Oh, I have to stay here. I won't go back now." He was unable to set his mind at ease when he saw Emily like this.

"Whatever you want." Jim was quite stubborn when it came to the decision made by him. Just like when he said that he didn't want to take over the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion and turned around to leave, even if the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion had omnipotent means in Italy, it didn't stop him.

If now he was driven away by Emily, Emily believed that he would definitely have a hundred ways to come back here. In order to make her quiet, she would try her best to follow his heart.

On their way back, Brian didn't say anything. It was rare that Charles who had been so talkative was quite c

nce. Charley and Selina hold a very important position in their family. It is said that Charley is the next successor of the family, no surprisingly."

"The Locke clan!" While Brian was thinking carefully, all that had happened to Emily flashed in his mind.

"Mike, check this family to see if there are any kids out there."

It was obvious that Mike didn't expect that Brian would say this, but at the same time, Mike knew what he meant. He knew that the Locke family was not just a noble family. As the heir of the Dylan family, he naturally knew some secrets.

If possible, they'd better not have anything to do with these great clans. It was not fear, but trouble. But if Emily was a member of the Locke clan, what she had hidden from them would be really unimaginable.

"I'll do it right now."

Brian tightly held his mobile phone, as if he wanted to crush it. He thought of Emily's secret to him in the past. He also thought of the attitude of many people around Emily to her, and what she said to Star and Ray before. The answer seemed to be about to be out, but he didn't go on thinking anymore.

"Where's mommy?" Coming out of his room, Charles looked at Brian who had just finished the phone call. Seeing the gloomy expression on Brian's face, he asked, "what happened?"

Brian put away his phone, "she is asleep. There is nothing serious."

Looking at the expression of Brian, he felt a little strange. He asked, "did mommy say anything?"

But Brian shook his head and said, "let's go back to the room first."

Charles nodded, afraid that some noise would wake Emily up.

The screen of Charles's computer was still on. It seemed that the same scene could be seen every time when he came to Charles' room. Brian didn't think these computers were decorations in Charles's room. As for the purpose of Charles and what he did in the dark, they would not interfere and would give him absolute space.

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