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   Chapter 103 An Old Friend

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Murphy took a look at Vincent and Mike, who both had a warm smile on their faces, and she got goose bumps all over her body. People always have a sense of danger, which was clearly reflected in Murphy.

"They are not as handsome as you are. Charles, you are my prince."

It was the first time that he was not interested in other people's praise. He wore a bitter smile on his face.

Hearing that, Vincent chuckled. He said, "Wow, Mr. Charles, it is worthwhile for you to come here this time. You get a wife."

Charles glared at Vincent with great vigor, which made Vincent laugh. Mike took a look at Murphy, and his eyes grew dark without saying anything.

At this lively moment, a Maybach passed the familiar corner and stopped in front of the villa of the Duane clan. A man and a woman got out of the car. The woman looked at the villa of the Duane clan with a little disgust.

"You have no taste in it. Why should we waste time here?"

The woman played with her hair in front of her chest, her delicate face, her thin eyebrows and eyes exuding a sense of supreme arrogance, and seemed to be quite dissatisfied with the result in front of her.

"Don't forget why we are here." The man looked serious in his black suit. There were too many plots in his blue eyes.

"Charley, you are so careful!"

"Selina, it's your fault. Don't be so presumptuous."

"OK! I know what we are here for. I really don't know what he is thinking. That bitch died a long time ago. Why does he still need to be investigated like this? "

"Selina, you shouldn't have made a rash thought about him. If you want this life, you should know how to keep your mouth shut."

The woman who were called Selina gradually shut up. She really knew how powerful that man was.

"Why are we fawning on an old man with dirty air?"

"Because of his birthday party, half of the bigwigs in T City are here. It's a good start, isn't it?"

"Bigwigs? Haha, it's funny. They don't know what respect is. It's just a game of honor played by those lowly people."

Charley didn't want to say anything else, "just don't forget who is in charge of our lives."

Shaking her shoulders, Selina walked inside.

Their arrival was easy to attract attention. The men's tall blue eyes were different, and the women's red dress was like poppies blossoming in the dark night, so attractive.

"Mr. Jeremy, I'm sorry to bother you. I'm Charley, the chief of the foreign enterprise department of the K.L International. This is my little sister, Selina. Then he handed the business card to Jeremy.

Jeremy took it over and everybody sighed and shook when they heard the name of K.L International. The K.L International began in France. Its owner should be a famous noble family in France, running a high-end brand, which was a well-known multinational company.

If World International was a rare rich enterprise in an international company, then the K.L

y are you so careless? Go downstairs and get your wound treated. The dinner is almost over. Just take good care of yourself when you get home."

Emily smiled and didn't say anything. With a hand around Emily's shoulder, Brian walked away, totally ignoring other people. Therefore, he didn't notice the burning gaze from Selina.

Emily didn't look at Charley, as if everything just now was an illusion. She was still that arrogant.

Even so, she couldn't conceal the truth from several people. Although Vincent and Mike didn't say anything, they obviously sensed that something was wrong. The same as Charles, and so did Jeremy. Even Murphy, who didn't want to think too much, could feel it.

Looking at their receding figures, Adam and Ray both lost in thought.

When Charley and Selina walked out, Charley looked at her smile.

"You're so strange."

"Oh, then what does brother Charley like about me?"

"What funny things have you found?" Charley knew Selina well.

"No, there is not a thing, but a person."


"You are indeed a genus."

"I have to remind you. Brian is the CEO of the World International."

"Oh, so what? I still have K.L International behind me. It's even much richer."

Charley sighed, "be careful! I always feel that Brian's wife, Emily, is somewhat suspicious."

"Charley, are you scaring yourself? She is just an ugly woman, that's all."

Charley didn't know why he felt that way, but he was still uneasy.

"Charley, don't worry. Even if she is not simple, she won't have a good end if she is caught by me." She smiled coquettishly.

Charley felt helpless, but didn't say anything more. He was very clear about his sister's character. Or how could she have such high status in this family and was supported by that man? She looked noble and dazzling, but inside, she was a cold and ruthless viper. It could only be said that this love for Brian would be his biggest pity in his life.

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