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   Chapter 102 Charles' wife

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"Brother Jeremy, congratulations on your birthday! I know you like antiques, calligraphers and paintings. This is a pair of ink stick that was chosen by Ray. I hope you like it."

It was natural for Adam to address him "elder brother" as Jeremy was a few years older than him. Not to mention that Duane clan had a high position in the city, even Adam could not ignore it.

After that, Ray handed over the gift. Jeremy looked like a respectable man with a smile, but not as intimate as he had just been with Brian.

"It's a rare opportunity to have such a good niece."

"Jeremy, you are welcome."

Jeremy then told the butler to come over to pick up the gift. When the butler picked up the piece of paper on the table, Jeremy said.

"Be careful, and hang him in my study. It's good for Brian and Emily to be so considerate."

The housekeeper nodded respectfully. Both Adam and Ray knew what he meant. Ray's gifts hadn't been opened, and he had been holding Brian's presents carefully. It showed that he would stand by his side.

Adam smiled awkwardly. Melissa knew how to put the situation aside and she said, "I see the decoration outside, I'll go to see if there's anything I can help, Ray, go with me."

Ray nodded and left with her.

"Melissa is indeed a considerate and thoughtful woman. It's natural for you to be trapped by such a person,"

"Jeremy, you are still biased against Melissa."

Jeremy slowly poured out a cup of tea for Adam and said, "it's your family affairs. There's no point in talking about it any longer. If others are biased, it's just their advice; if you think your life is good, it's useless to have any prejudice. If you don't think so, the prejudice of any people will be useful from the bottom of your heart."

Being a big shot in the business, even Adam was unable to find a word to retort. Jeremy was always so attractive.

"But there's one thing I'd like to know. Do you regret breaking up with Brian?"

"Brian is not my son. Why should I regret?"

Even if being the president of the World International was something that he had never expected and made him kind of regret, his heart was fixed again because of the report showing that Brian was not his own son.

"You were blinded again."

Adam was shocked, "what do you mean?"

Jeremy didn't respond, but sipped the tea. The father didn't know his son, but maybe this was the best result for Brian.

Melissa then took Ray with her. There was no need for any help at all. Duane's servants could deal with it well. What she said just now just gave them some private space to get along with each other, because she knew they had something to talk about, and she also knew that Jeremy didn't like her.

When they just walked to the back garden, they saw Brian and his family. From time to time, Murphy carried the water in the pool and sprayed it to Charles. W

is a few years older than me, age is not the problem now, and the height difference doesn't matter." It was not that there was something wrong, but something bad.

"Mr. Charles, you are just a kid now. How can you know anything about love? I don't think we can even believe it."

"Oh, I know. I never care about the credibility. My mommy and daddy love me so much. They will do their best to fulfill my promise. Do you want to have a try?"

The smile on the faces of the people around froze.

"Besides, I'm just a kid. Kids are so easily irritated, and I can do anything when I am angry. Besides, I'm a horrible man. It should be not that difficult for me to overthrow one or two companies at the same time considering of my social status in the World International."

Charles was more smart than a child. He was more like a master in the field of business.

"More importantly, you don't even deserve one thousandth of my handsome face. You don't deserve to compete with me. It's not a good way for a toad to swallow a swan."

People around him were all irritated by what he said, and their faces instantly turned red or white with anger. They knew that it was just an excuse from Murphy, but they dared not say anything because of the identity of Charles. They could only keep silent and say nothing.

"Well done, Charles!" Murphy was so proud of Charles. She patted on his shoulder, which made him suspect that she had treated him as those people just now.

"Sister Murphy, let's not play it anymore. If my reputation is ruined, how can I get married in the future?"

"Hey, you just said that you would marry me. But now you change your mind. You will hurt me."

For the first time in his life, a strong impulse was surging in Charles' heart, which almost drove him to cry. "Stop, stop! Look at me! I've grown up. Uncle Vincent and uncle Mike are all good excuses. Why do you always come to me?"

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