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   Chapter 101 Birthday Party

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On the other hand, Charles wasn't curious about how Emily would react. He called Jeremy "Grandpa" politely. He liked Jeremy because he was gentle and warm to him just like how he was treated by his great grandfather.

"Are you Charles? Come to me." Jeremy waved his hand, and Charles walked up to him with a smile.

"Brian, I've long heard that you married the one you love, and that you have a clever son. The news has been spread all over the streets and alleys of T City. I was wondering when you could take him here to visit me. I thought you've forgotten me."

"How can I forget you, uncle Duane. I'm just not sure of my mind, how can I take them to see you?" Brian said with a smile.

"Are you sure now?"

"Yes, Emily is my wife. I want to spend the rest of my life with her." Brian was holding Emily's hand. He looked at Jeremy with a smile and said.

He looked sincere and serious. He was moved. Although he had already made up his mind, it was the first time for him to confess it in front of the elders.

As for Emily, she also knew that his confession was not only a promise, but also a testimony of identification.

Jeremy smiled and said, "I have promised Brian's grandpa to make Murphy marry Brian."

"Yes, I know." Said Emily calmly.

"What's your choice if I'm about to fulfill my promise to his grandfather?"

Upon hearing this, Emily smiled, "I don't need to choose anything. Brian will solve everything. I believe in him in love. He won't let me lose, just as I won't let him lose. Uncle Jeremy, you won't really let me choose anything, because you really love Brian and you don't hate me."

Emily said affirmatively, her star like eyes shining brightly and noticeable.

"Miss Emily, you are smart."

"Uncle Jeremy, you are flattering me. I am just sure that you can't wait till now if you really want to do something. You have a lot of chances before, but you didn't do anything. You just wait and see,"

"Besides, you are also a gambler, uncle Jeremy. You are gambling the possibility for me and Brian getting together. How can I let you down?"

A trace of slyness flashed through Emily's eyes. She looked like a cunning fox, but there was no dislike in them.

Jeremy smiled gently, "Brian has a good taste. You are more suitable for him than Murphy."

Emily grinned and didn't say anything.

"Brian, my father and your grandfather didn't make that appointment at that time. Do you know why?"

Brian didn't answer his question, but he could guess something.

"They don't want the engagement to be your shackles. If there is any chance, we will look forward to it; if not, we won't force you. What's more, it is also your mother's decision." When Jeremy mentioned this, his expression changed for a moment, but he was relieved soon.

ughter. Who else can take care of you if I am not with you? For the sake of my good filial piety, you'd better keep me by your side." Then Murphy grabbed Jeremy's arm and wouldn't let him go.

Both Emily and Brian knew that Jeremy was joking. How could he not want such a precious daughter with him?

Just then, the chamberlain came and reported that Adam and Ray had arrived. Of course with them there was Melissa. For that the relationship between the Yun clan and the Duane clan was not simple, it seemed reasonable for Melissa to come here.

"Well, uncle Jeremy, we are going outside now." Even though they were related by blood, Brian didn't treat them as his family.

Jeremy didn't stop him.

"I will go with you." Melissa stood up and followed them. But Charles was a little unhappy because he felt that Murphy looked at him with some bad intention.

When they reached the door, they happened to meet Adam who came in. Seeing Brian, he paused, but soon understood that Duane family meant a lot to Brian. It was normal for him to appear here for Jeremy's birthday, but he was sad for a moment. His birthday didn't make him care so much.

Brian nodded at them as a greeting, but Emily wasn't so friendly to them after all. With a broad smile, Emily held the hand of Charles and walked away. Murphy didn't say anything. After all, Murphy had heard about what Adam had done.

Looking at the harmonious family of three, Adam felt sad or envious, and thought of the girl in his memory when he saw Emily.

All the facial expressions of Adam were in the eyes of Melissa and Ray, though Melissa seemed to be defiant, "go in." She said slowly.

Adam nodded. Looking at the family who had just left, Ray felt envious and jealous. He recalled Emily's merciless words last time when he met her, and now he had all kinds of feelings in his hearts.

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