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   Chapter 100 I Love You

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9905

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A couple of days had passed. After her initial emotion dissipated, she became speechless. She could no longer hide her feelings.

"Brian, let's make it clear today. You have already asked someone to check my body condition. Is there anything wrong? If not, then we don't have to come here. It's not a cold war. I'm tired of it."

"Your hand is pressing on the document." Brian said coldly.

Emily was annoyed and took out the file from his hand.

"I wonder what kind of file requires the CEO of the World International to spend so much time and energy on it that he even ignores me."

Holding back the pen in his hand, Brian looked at her and said nothing. But this time, Emily threw the paper aside and looked into his eyes.

A few minutes later, she couldn't help but ask, "what do you want? I have already apologized to you, and things have been clear. If I had known it earlier, I wouldn't have acted like this."

It was rare for her to be honest, and she didn't want to get such a good result.

"Finally you can't wait any longer. Three days? Is it long or short for you?"

"Brian, you..." Emily was a little irritated. 'damn it! How could you take this to test my patience? I have been so cautious these days.'.

Three days? What did that mean? It had never happened in her world before, but she made an exception because of Brian. Damn it! Now it seemed that she was totally convinced by him.

She had no doubt that if anything was in Emily's hand, she would absolutely destroy it. However, unfortunately, what she saw now was nothing but the papers on the desk. What was worse, she couldn't touch them at all, so she turned around angrily and was about to leave.

"Where are you going?"

"Gym, for exercise!"

"Are you sure you are going to exercise, not to smash things?"

She glared at Brian and said, "don't worry. I will send the bill to you even if I smash them."

"All right. Let's stop. Who told us not to start a cold war just now? It's not a cold war."

"That's because I haven't discovered your evil thoughts before. Don't mention it, Mr. Brian. Who had taught you such thoughts? Did you study it in the brothel?"

"Oh, do you care about me now?"

"So what? You are not the only one who can be jealous. I can also care about you, Mr. Brian!"

"No, the more you care about me, the happier I am."

"Well, when did the president of the World International start playing tricks on a little woman?"

"If it works for you, I don't mind playing more tricks."

Emily sighed and Brian walked towards her.

"I'm looking forward to the day when you're frank with me." Brian looked into her eyes and saw that there was nothing that could break her persistence.

"Brian, you must have noticed that I care about you these days. I thought we were just trying. You give me what I want and I'll give you what you want. I thought I could control my heart, but now I have realized that I was wrong. I'm in love with you now

but he cared about everything for the sake of Emily.

To love someone, one must be desperate. Since Brian was able to do that, he also had to make great efforts. Thinking of that cold Alice, Vincent could only sigh.

At least, Emily could sense Brian's feelings. Now both Brian and Emily knew that they were in deep love. It might be difficult for him to fall in love. But what could he do? He couldn't give up so he could only march forward courageously.

Both the Duane family and the Yun family were well-known in T City. Although it was not as influential as the Yun family in business, in terms of family strength, the Yun family might not be comparable to the Duane family.

The third generation of the Duane family worked in the army. The prior generation had once been the hero who made achievements in the wars, so they were successors of a general.

But they didn't work as soldiers anymore since Murphy's grandfather. Instead, he started his own business.

Murphy's father's generation had also inherited the business from his previous generation. He didn't enter the army, nor did he go into politics. He was still engaged in business.

Even so, his family was still powerful. No one in the city dared to disrespect the Duane family.

Besides, Jeremy Duane, the head of Duane family and Murphy's father, was the one who behaved like a king. Brian respected him very much.

Before seeing Jeremy, Emily was a little confused, but when she met Jeremy, she totally understood why Brian said 'you will know when you meet Jeremy.'.

It was not a black suit or casual suit that Jeremy was on. Instead, it was a grey robe in ancient costumes. Instead, it was quiet and serene, like water flowing, converging people's mind in exquisite places.

It was Emily's first impression that Jeremy seemed to tolerate all kinds of things. Even she, a presumptuous person, dared not behave wantonly in front of Jeremy. She greeted Jeremy politely, "Uncle Duane."

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