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   Chapter 98 A Quarrel

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9310

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"You care about him, don't you?"

With a slight sigh, Emily said, "maybe..." Emily didn't expect that Brian would be beyond her expectation in every aspect.

"May I be glad for you?" Finally somebody could open her heart and enter her heart, so that she would not be so lonely.

"Don't tell him about my health. It's not a big deal to let him worry about me. Besides, he can do nothing to help. I'll tell him when it's the right time."

"Well, I see. You don't need to worry too much, my dear sister. You are in good health. Nine years ago, brother Ron has taken good care of you. I just checked that everything is fine."

"I never worry about it. You were always too careful."

Jim couldn't say anything to refute her. They were much more cautious when they compared themselves to Emily.

"All right. I don't want to talk about it anymore. I need to go back now, or Charles will be worried."

Jim nodded.

When she returned home, it was already late. Brian was sitting on the sofa in the living room, next to him was Charles. When she saw the faces of the two, they looked a little serious.

"What's going on here? What game are you playing?"

"Why is your phone powered off?" Brian broke the silence.

"Ah!" Taking the cellphone out of her pocket, she found that it was indeed switched off. All of a sudden, it came to her mind. After she called Jim, in case her cellphone was turned off, she answered, "Oh, it might be power off."

But apparently, these words were not accepted by the father and the son. What was going on? She didn't disappear. She just went out for a few hours. But when she came back, it was like interrogating criminal.

"Mommy, I'm very angry about your disappear. Do you know how many calls I have made to you? Do you know how many calls father has made to you?"

Charles said. It was normal because he knew something even after Jim had dumped him. There was only his mother who could have made his uncle look like that in this city. Therefore, after Jim got rid of him, he was quite worried.

"Well... I'm sorry. I will admit my fault. I won't turn off my phone in the future. " In the depressing eyes of Brian and Charles, Emily could not easily refute.

When Charles heard that, he didn't immediately show any attitude. Instead, he turned to look at Brian. Seeing this, Emily sighed, "when did the father and the son become so close? And when did Charles listen to Brian like that? There must be something wrong."

"Have you had lunch?"

Brian's words interrupted Emily's thoughts.

"Oh, nothing."

Brian stood up and went to the kitchen to bring some food. When he passed by Emily, she keenly felt that the air around him was still cold.

When Brian turned around and was about to leave, Charles jumped off the sofa and

"Brian, you are very important to me..." If he treated her like this, she would be too painful to breathe; if he treated her in such a cold way, she wouldn't even know how to adapt.

Is she used to the warmth, or is she just used to this man from the very beginning? At this moment, Emily suddenly realized that Brian has integrated into her life and is closely connected with her. It is impossible to separate him from her.

Brian looked at Emily's slightly white fingertips, knowing that she used all his strength to say that. Emily was too straightforward. She looked like she didn't care about anything, but in fact, she valued relatives very much in her heart. It could be seen from her way to treat Sawyer and Star.

Since he was trapped in such a kind of person, he was destined to have a strong resistance and tolerance. However, he had no other choice, because he was deeply attracted to her, and that was why he was always willing to face everything bravely.

He spread out the fingers of Emily, "let's have dinner. You should be hungry."

Feeling the gentleness from the fingertips, Emily gazed at him and said, "you... Aren't you angry now? "

Emily had never cared about a person's feelings so cautiously like this before. She had also known that she was willing to humble herself in begging for forgiveness. How could Brian not be touched and still angry?

"There won't be a next time. I am not able to play with everything about you"

"I know." Emily lowered her head slowly.

After this quarrel, Emily had a deep feeling that it was not that she liked Brian, nor was she just interested in him. It was love. She fell in love with him. Because of love, she cared much about his attitude and mood. She also paid attention to his joking and cursing. But could she still love someone? Did she have the right to love someone?

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