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   Chapter 97 Fear of The Past

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"It's a pity that I have a crush on another one. It's so unfortunate for you."

Hearing that, Jim was speechless. Everyone could tell at a glance that he liked her because she is his sister, but he had been used to this kind of joke for a long time.

"Yes, I am jealous and hateful to have such a brother-in-law who loves my sister so much." Everyone could tell that Brian loved Emily very much.

"Don't bother. Stay here and wait for a while. Charles will be here in a minute."

"Oh, Emily, you finally realize that. Give me a chance to revenge?"

Emily didn't say anything but smiled deeply. He really wanted to take revenge. Her son would never suffer losses.

"By the way, check it for Charles tomorrow,"

"Don't worry. He will be fine."

"Yes." Even so, Emily still worried that if anything bad happened, she couldn't bet Charles.

Obviously, Jim also knew that, so he tried his best every time and prayed that what they were worried about would not happen.

When Emily ascended the stairs, she saw Brian in the room. "Where is Charles?"

"He said it was a rare opportunity for uncle to visit us. He must seize the opportunity to ask him for something useful."

"He is really my son."

Brian stared at Emily.

"Why is there something on my face?" As she spoke, she touched her face. 'Nothing should have happened, ' she thought.

"I have finished my words with Jim."

"Oh, you know he has something to tell us. It's not a big deal. Since he seldom comes here, why not make use of his medical skills and examine us?" Emily tried his best to speak in a normal tone, not to let him feel anything.

"A checkup?" Brian narrowed his eyes.

"Hey, as the CEO of the World International, you even don't have the medical check-up regularly. I don't want to go to the hospital, so every time I ask Jim to do it for me."

"Regular checkups? Is that all?" Brian said with a smile, but there was no doubt that his smile made Emily feel a little nervous and suffocating.

"Of course. Or what else? Mr. Brian, what are you suspicious of? Don't tell me you don't trust me." She kept her usual calm attitude and smiled, but it seemed something was different.

"Since we got the marriage certificate, didn't I say that I would believe everything you said? But why do you look away?" Brian asked as his fingers slid across Emily's eyes.

Emily slightly caught hold of Brian's hand and gently wiped it away from the corner of her eyes. "Why didn't I notice that? It's your fault. I haven't had a good meal since this morning. Now I'm hungry. Mr. Brian, you can go ahead with your business. I'm going to get something to eat first."

Then she walked out of the room quickly. It seemed that there was something in the room which she couldn't hold back any more. However, she knew that in his ey

to listen to your bitter slander. But you are right about this. You are indeed wrong. You don't look like a real man."

Sawyer was stunned. Emily didn't want to explain.

"Emily..." "What's going on?" Jim asked.

"Don't ask too many questions. Help me go back."

Jim hastily helped to stand up and left quickly. He gave a glance at Sawyer and didn't say anything.

Looking at the receding figure of Emily, Sawyer thought of what she said just now, 'You don't look like a real man.' Indeed, as a man, he failed to protect things that he should protect.

In Jim's lab, he looked at Emily's trembling right hand, feeling sorry for her.

"I don't have the time to care about your sad face. Hurry up for treatment."

Jim did not hesitate to take the drug and gave her a slight injection.

"Emily, it has been a long time since you acted like this. What's wrong with you today?"

Emily slightly closed her eyes and said, "you think too much. That's it."

"Emily..." Jim raised his voice.

"I'm a little tired, Jim. Let me sleep for a while."

So he didn't ask any more questions. He arranged a small room for her and walked out slowly.

The scare on her body was alleviated soon by the medicine. Emily smiled bitterly. Did this mean that she was still afraid of the past? Ridiculous answer.

After about one hour's sleep, she woke up. When she opened her eyes again, she was the same person as she had been, free and easy, as if the scene that had happened today was only an illusion.

Seeing Emily come out of the room, Jim said, "I need an explanation." His eyes were determined.

If she didn't give a detailed explanation to him, he would get her into trouble.

"I was afraid that Brian would find out. I had thought too much and ended up like this." It was useless to tell a lie in front of Jim, and Emily would not tell a lie in front of him.

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