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   Chapter 96 Remove The Mark

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"I didn't expect this." Brian said. Even he himself did not expect that the only son of the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion would be like this. He could not smell the scent of Heavenly Wolf Pavilion.

"Grandfather doesn't like my uncle, or he doesn't know how to manage him. Please don't underestimate him. Uncle is horrible when he gets angry."

Brian smiled and agreed with him. Even though he looked so, he was still the young master of the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion. "Let's go to the living room first. It won't end in a short time."

Charles thought Brian was right. Automatically, he ignored Jim's yelling for help. Under such dangerous situation, he wouldn't be involved in the shooting from the gun. Good luck for his uncle! In front of his mother, he had no choice but to follow Brian out.

By the time the war in the bedroom came to an end, the bedroom was filled with less and less complete things. Even the wet sheet on the bed had become the evil weapon in Emily's hand.

"Are you thirsty?" When Brian saw Emily coming out, he immediately handed her a glass of water. After venting her anger, she was indeed thirsty and she took the water, The living room had changed. It was obvious that Brian had asked someone to come up and clean it up. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to have a place to sit after the chaos.

After a while, Jim walked out of the bedroom, dirty and messy. He was tightly pressed by his colorful clothes. Although he didn't wear much, there must be some slight marks on his body.

"Mr. Jim, why don't you change your clothes? Do you want to make me feel guilty?"

There was no sign of weakness in Emily's voice at all. After hearing what she said, Jim quickly turned around and without thinking, she knew that he was definitely going to change clothes.

"He seems to be afraid of you." But just a tiny glance from Emily could make him run away.

"I'm his sister. Although I'm his sworn sister, he still should listen to me." She took it for granted.

'Is it true? I'm afraid it's not just the reason!' thought Brian. He felt that it couldn't be the only reason.

In fact, since he couldn't win a fight or teased her successfully and he was always at a disadvantage, how could Jim not be afraid of Emily each time he was defeated? If Charles met such a person, he would be as scared as Jim. Unfortunately, in this world, there were few things that he was afraid of.

When Jim appeared in front of them again, he changed his clothes, but it was still bright. Of course, even Charles didn't express his appreciation of Jim's beauty, so other people didn't say anything.

"Emily, you have beaten me and scolded me. You should show a pleasant face." Jim said looking at the scornful look on Emily's face.

"I have to follow Mr. Jim's o

it because he didn't want to make Emily feel sad.

"Hurry up then."

"I'm so surprised that the inheritor of the family of Dylan, who has disappeared for so many years, is here."

Since Jim was the young master of the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion, it was reasonable for him to know something about the family of Dylan.

Mike didn't say anything, cause the family of Dylan had been in his memory for a long time.

"Come to my lab tomorrow. I didn't prepare anything today."

Mike nodded, "thank you."

"I will try my best to complete the task that you asked me to do. Now if you have nothing else to do, can I leave freely?"

Emily waved her hand slightly, indicating that he could leave now. Seeing that, Jim could not help but feel sad. He said, "Emily, I'm willing to do everything for you. Why don't you send me downstairs? And why don't you ask Charles to take me around?"

Now it was Emily's turn to be speechless. "Stop it, Jim. This won't work for me. But since you have worked so hard, for the sake of your sincerity, I'll see you off."

Jim sighed, "I really appreciate that."

In the elevator, Emily looked at him, "do you have anything to say?"

After getting along with him for so many years, she knew exactly what he wanted to do.

"You also need to have an examination tomorrow." Jim said that seriously, and there was no more teasing in his words.

"Okay, I know," said Emily with a smile


"He doesn't know. I'm well now. It's useless to tell him."

"Emily, you seem to have changed a little..." In his impression, Emily didn't care about other people's feelings, except for Charles.

"Well, is it a good thing or a bad thing?"

"I don't know, but I like whatever you are." No matter what kind of Emily, she was his elder sister without blood relationship but they were still close to each other.

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