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   Chapter 94 Entrust The Xia Company to Him

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9921

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"Yes, it has been a long time, you have grown up to such a big boy."

"After so many years, it's time for me to grow up."

"You're right. When I last saw you, you were a child of around 11 years old. I didn't expect you to become an outstanding adult now."

Walter smiled and said nothing. After a long while, he said: "how are you?"

"Haven't you seen it? It's great now." Said Emily in a casual way, shrugging her shoulders.

"As long as you are happy." In this way, the Xia clan wouldn't relieve their evils.

"Walter, you're so young. It's easy to become old if you think too much, but I don't want to see a youth who is tortured by the underworld." Although Emily said it lightly, it caused a great disturbance in Walter's heart.

"Don't you hate them?"

"What do I hate? The Xia clan, Star, Michael or anyone else, including you?"

Walter was stunned, looking disappointed.

With a slight smile on his face, Emily said, "Walter, how can I not hate them for what they said to me seven years ago? I have to endure the pain of losing my parents as time goes by."

"But I've already taken my revenge. Do I really have to make the Xia clan lose a few lives as a real revenge? Although I don't mind these people's lives, I know that my parents don't want to see this happen."

"Uncle Tristan and aunt are both gentle people. They won't want to see you like this." Walter chimed in.

"So that's all for today. Besides, you have nothing to do with all these revenges. I can tell the difference between good and bad. Don't you have too much responsibility, Walter?"

Walter was stunned for a while and then replied, "well, you have known it."

"Well, the Xia Company has received financial support from the external capital in the past few years. The Xia Company under the control of Michael has become weaker than ever before. If it weren't for the regular cooperation abroad, the Xia Company would have been ruined many years ago. I just didn't expect that you would be able to help the Xia Company from abroad at such a young age."

"I have persuaded Grandpa, but he didn't listen to me. My father always listens to Grandpa, and even so, I don't want to see the Xia Company decline. That's where Uncle and aunt are protected, and it's your property, but what I did can just help a little. It has already formed a big trend to decrease."

"Walter, don't deny what you have done. Indeed, you have helped the Xia Company. It's not easy for you to reach this level at your age, and it's worthy to be gratified."

"It's all in the past. Now that the Xia Company is back to you, uncle Tristan may rest in heaven with peace."

Walter still remembered the scene that Tristan held him in his arms. He didn't expect his gentle uncle would leave in such a way, and he didn't expect that all the flames of anger were caused by the jealousy of his half blooded sister.

Because of jealousy, they destroyed the lives of Emily, Tristan and the Xia cla

comfort and got closer to him. Charles also smiled. He knew the warmth he felt at this moment was called happiness.

There was finally a day when peace was restored, and when happiness came to bear the blow.

That night, Charles kept browsing the information about Emily, but there was very little useful. At last, he decided to put it aside. He believed that his mother would tell this to him sooner or later.

That night, Emily woke up from a nightmare in the middle of the night. She sensed that her body was soaked in cold sweat, but Brian didn't ask anything. He quietly hugged her and Emily looked out at the dark night. Her eyes were as sharp as ice, as if it had been buried in the lonely and cold night in thousands of years.

In the night, Haze sent a message to Zoey. After he listened to the message, his fingers tightened. It didn't stretch out again in the all night.

At the same time, someone received a phone call in a villa somewhere abroad. It was so fierce that it involved everyone. All the forces trembled in the darkness. Whether they were well prepared or not, none of them were able to escape from the whirlpool.

"How are you feeling?" Looking at Emily who had barely slept the whole night, Brian said.

Since Emily had been woken up by the nightmare at midnight, she could not fall asleep again. Even in the arms of Emily, feeling the warmth from his arm, she did not feel sleepy at all. She could only open her eyes until that the dawn in the East was covered by the morning sun.

Emily lifted the quilt and sat on the bed. She stared at the sun and said, "I feel the blood in my body move."

Brian's eyes darkened. Even though he was usually calm, he could feel the blood in her voice.

"Is there any trouble?" Brian put a glass of water on Emily's hand and kept holding her hand.

"I don't know. But I have nightmares which haven't happened for a long time appeared again in my dreams. I almost forget those facts in the past."

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