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   Chapter 92 Clean Up The Xia Company

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"Thanks. " Emily knew what was on Zoey's mind, so the people in the distance had already taken action. If they knew everything, they might take revenge on Charles. With someone by Charles' side, they would always feel relieved.

"That's what I should do. "

When they were talking, Brian didn't say a word. He just let them communicate freely not because he didn't like it, but because he knew that he should trust them.

This move reassured Zoey and gave Brian a rare friendly smile. Although it was very slight, he could still understand the meaning of the words, "I'll give Emily to you. " Brian gently nodded to fulfill his promise.

In the beginning, they had an appointment with each other to show off, so they left soon. However, as a foodie, Charles showed his skill on the table, which shocked everyone.

It was rare for Charlie to be so aggressive. The next day, he send all the relevant materials of the Xia Company to Emily.

"Are you willing to do that? " Looking at the things sent by Charlie, she said.

"Don't make fun of me anymore. I was not reconciled seven years ago. My eldest brother seemed to be doing well and was the person I wanted to pursue, so seven years ago, I didn't notice what my father did. Instead, I was somewhat glad that the Xia Company had fallen into my hands. Later I knew that it was not an easy thing to run a business. I didn't have such talents. You know what kind of person I am, and this position is not suitable for me. Moreover, in the past seven years, the real boss of the Xia Company is my father, and I am just subject to his orders. "

"Do you hate your father? "

"I know you hate him. After all, he has done a lot of unforgivable things to you. Although he used me, he is still good to me. So I can't hate him. Anyway, he is my father. " Said Charlie lightly.

"Uncle, you are so kind. "

Charlie smiled bitterly. 'Am I kind? I can't tell if I am kind or timid, ' he thought.

"What's your plan, uncle? "

"To run a small business and live a relaxed life, I want to take your aunt out when I have time. I neglect her these years. "

"That's good. We can stay away from the business competition. "

"Emily... "

"Come on, uncle! "

"Even though Star did something bad to you, it is because I don't have time to teach her. It is my fault. I was afraid that your aunt would scold me at that time, so I neglected Star and didn't notice her change. I didn't give her any love and care, which would lead to the current situation. If possible, please forgive her. "

Charlie was sincere, and Emily listened calmly.

"Uncle, I've already done justice for myself. Those things are in the past. Do I look like a person who never let go of the past? "

"Thank you. " With that, Charlie turned around and left.

"Uncle, I will transfer the money to your account immediately. And uncle, how about you go to the Xia Comp

well. The rest of the work will be handed over to the future boss of the Xia Company. "

"You are so sure that he will take over the Xia Company. " Even if Emily did some adjustments to the Xia Company, its reputation was much worse than before.

"Of course he will. " Emily said arrogantly, "How about a bet? "

"As far as I know in the past, it will end badly if I make a bet with you. " Mike didn't want to be cheated by Emily again.

"You are so boring, " Of course, she didn't stick to it.

In Sawyer's home, Star had already arranged everything. "I have already signed on the divorce agreement. You can sign the rest. You can set a time to go through the formalities. You are free now. "

Sawyer didn't say anything, and Star also didn't say anything. She turned around and went downstairs.

"Star, have you really made your decision? "

"What else could I do? Sawyer, seven years ago, when you and my sister got engaged, I was heartbroken and tried every means to get you back. Of course, the means I used were not decent. But I had tried my best during the past seven years and tried my best to get you back. Of course, in your eyes, except for evil means, I don't think you know anything else about my thoughts. "

"Sawyer, I'm not born to be evil, and I'm not born to play these tricks. All of you think that I need a lot of these things. But I don't think that I'm wrong. I admitted that I shouldn't hurt others. I atone for my crime, but there is no denying that I love you. Now the feelings between us have changed. You won't treat me as you used to do, even if you pretend to be like that. "

"Sawyer, I'm tired too. I am jealous of my sister, jealous of her good luck, but I also admire her love. Now I won't do anything to you, and I can't get what I have lost. I should thank you. Thank you for your love to me. Even in the pursuit of this love, I have done something wrong. I won't regret it. "

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