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   Chapter 91 Mommy's People

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The two men were playing with each other in the alley. Charles was flexible but powerful. He caught the opportunity easily and even Haze had to take it serious.

The people who had been kicked by Haze just now couldn't keep their eyes fixed on them. They were both stunned by the fight between Charles and Haze, or perhaps by the imposing manner shown by both of them when the two fought.

Within about ten minutes, Charles rolled over, his legs firmly locked on Haze's waist, and the silver needle on his hand was against Haze's neck. The dagger that Haze casually took out was still five millimeters from him.

"Well, it's time to say something. " Said Charles lazily.

Taking back the dagger, Haze smiled, "Young master is really a genius. " It was definitely from the bottom of his heart.

"All right, young master. I won't play with you. We belong to your mommy. "

"Mommy? " 'Mom?' he wondered.

"Well, if you have any questions, you can go back and ask Miss Emily. Miss Emily is enjoying in Qiwei Appointment at the moment. What's up, young master? Do you want to go with us? " Haze said with a smile.

After Charles knew it was Emily, he took the needle back and shook off his hands. He shook off Haze's hands and put his hand on his back. He patted gently on his back, hinting that he could go with him on his back.

Haze laughed at his action. Their young master was so unkind. Even though he thought so, he still walked forward safely with Charles on his back. But when they were leaving, he also glanced at the two people lying on the ground.

"How long will it take for them to wake up? "

"Their physical condition has recovered. They will be better in a dozen minutes. "

"What kind of overpowering drug is this? Can Miss Emily rest assured to leave it to you? " It took them half an hour to get out of a coma. They were professionally trained, and he couldn't imagine how long a coma would last for an ordinary person.

"Hey, haven't you seen the detective novels? Since my uncle carried out a special anesthesia, I'm sure he'll feel much better if we give him a shot. What's more, my mother is not going to make a fuss about what we've done these hours. If I don't start it first, I'll get injured. I'm very glad that I have such a good sense of perception and the ability to do it first. "

Haze decided to shut up at this time. Their young master and Miss Emily were both so shameless that no one would dare to offend them.

When Brian arrived, Charles still hadn't come yet. He saw that Emily was leaning against the table and playing with the darts which she took from nowhere. She smiled playfully, while Zoey sat on the sofa, as if he was playing a game of chess.

"You are coming... " Emily raised his head a

im. "

"Haze, you didn't go all out, did you? "

"But I can't deny the result. "

"You are right. My son should look like me. "

Hearing their conversation, Brian, Vincent and Mike knew what had happened. Haze and Charles had a fight and it was obvious that Charles had the upper hand.

Even though Vincent had seen the skills of Charles before, he was a little surprised. He didn't know what kind of person was Haze, but he knew better than anybody else since Haze looked gloomy. It seemed that Charles was really good at fighting, and Mike had the same feeling as Vincent.

Without much explanation, Emily said slowly, "This is Zoey. The two on the other end of the line are Vincent and Mike. "

They nodded at each other as a sign of knowing each other. Vincent scrutinized Zoey from head to toe thinking that he was a rare handsome foreign man. However, his eyes were too cold that they would be softened for a moment only when he talked to Emily. No wonder Brian gets jealous. How to relieve to meet such a person?

"Charles, you should have known Haze. This is Zoey. If to take it serious, they are my people. "

"Nice to meet you, uncle Zoey. Since you work for Mommy, then you must be Charles' family. The group of men behind me were sent by you, right? " Charles noticed the subtle difference between Emily and Zoey, and of course, he also noticed the emotional fluctuation in Zoey's eyes when he looked at Emily.

"Yes. If it's troublesome, you can ignore them. " His tone softened.

Charles felt deeply ashamed. It was so obvious that even if he thought it was troublesome, they would still follow him. Uncle Zoey was really a good speaker.

"Thank you, uncle Zoey. " Since there had to be someone with him, it didn't matter. They were just hiding in the dark and he could tease them when he felt bored.

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