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   Chapter 90 Let's Have Some Fun

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9385

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"I do feel jealous. After all, someone else can do something I can't do. But it's better for me to see it. At least someone can get into your heart. "

"Thank you, Zoey. " All she needed to do was to thank that so many things, that they knew each other, that he had accompanied her for so many years and that he loved her without return.

"I said, I'll be with you, no matter what choice you make. "

"How was your trip these days? Did you get anything? "

"I didn't get any information about Ron. " Zoey said in a guilty tone. He knew very well what Ron meant to her.

"It's normal. After all, it's Ron, that cunning old fox. He's very sensitive to everything, especially the people like us. " Emily knew that well.

"It's not a big deal. If he's alive, he'll come out sooner or later. If he dies, let him die. I won't put a tombstone for him. "

Since Zoey was used to that Emily always said one thing but meant another, he didn't expect her to change that.

"Anything else? "

"According to the news of those people, they should take action now. " Zoey's words were full of coldness as he spoke. And now, Emily was slightly holding his hand.

"Zoey, I'm not afraid of being hurt by them now, but I'm afraid that they won't be able to move a little bit. Believe me, I can solve everything. " Said Emily with a smile.

Zoey nodded slightly.

Emily looked around and asked, "I didn't see Haze. "

"He seems to have found something interesting these days, and now he goes to observe it again. " When Zoey mentioned this, his stern face was touched.

"Oh, that's really rare. Something that can make him interested must be very interesting. Why don't you tell me and let me join him? "

"I'm afraid that you are unwilling to join in the fun. "

"I don't think there's fun that I don't like to join in. It's ridiculous. " Emily said it as if she was taking it for granted, but when she turned around, she saw a teasing smile on Zoey's mouth. Instantly, she was on alert.

"It's not what I think. "

"It should be what you think. " Echoed Zoey.

At the thought of this, Emily let out a sigh. If Haze and Charles met, it was just a little devil met a big devil. But the collision must be interesting.

"Zoey, do you want to have a gamble with me to see who wins and who loses? "

"If I bet on Charles to win, can the bet start? " Zoey knew what kind of person Emily was.

"Well, I can bet on Haze. It's so interesting to play a game. Moreover, you don't need to make a fuss about the result between us. You can only ask them to have the game. "

Zoey was speechless then. She was obviously saying that they had nothing to do and just wanted to play with these two guys, after all they didn't know it. Emily could play whatever she wanted behind them. But how would Charles th

uation. I don't want to extort confessions by force. It's not fit for me to make such a violent scene with my weak body, but I really want to know, so let's do something less bloody. "

His words made them disgusted and chill. They even had a creepy feeling toward this seven-year-old boy.

"I've heard that young master has an uncle who has great attainments in medicine. It seems that he has given young master a lot of good things. " They must have been drugged lying on the ground.

"Of course. You know, a seven-year-old boy has no ability to resist bad people in the society. Especially, such a handsome and unrestrained young man, people would easily covet, so I have to be cautious. Fortunately, my uncle loves me so much. Do you want to have a try? "

"No, I don't think so. I just want to hear it. I don't want to experience it. I believe that young master will use it in more important occasions, so you don't have to waste it on us. After all, we have gone through a lot of difficulties. "

Looking at the two people who were still lying on the ground, Haze knew that the effect of the drug was absolutely dispensable. He didn't want to have a try.

"Oh, you don't have to do this for me. You can rest assured that these things like this are always available. "

With that, he took out a few silver needles from somewhere and shot them to Haze. Haze kicked the people around aside, rolled in the air and took off his ring.

"Ding... " Two silver needles were shot out of the ring. The other one was between Haze's fingers.

"Young master, you'd better keep these dangerous stuff well. "

"Oh, oh, my God! My mistake... I'm sorry! "

Charles' flexible body moved forward in a few seconds. With a sweep leg, he walked as fast as the wind. Haze tried to dodge it immediately, but he was still touched by the cloth of his trousers on his toes.

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