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   Chapter 88 Let's Divorce

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"Father, you go first. I have something to talk with Emily."

Charlie hesitated, but he looked at Star. Seeing that she was persistent with her eyes, he knew that he couldn't persuade her to go away. He looked at Emily, who was still smiling. Since Emily returned home from abroad, he couldn't see through Emily, his niece. He could only shake his head and chase after Michael without saying anything.

Star stared at Emily, who stretched out her arms and leaned against the sofa leisurely. "So you can say anything you want to say. I don't think I have anything to say to you."

Star glanced at Mike and Vincent, who were sitting at the side of Emily like two guardian gods, the executive president and the vice president of the of the World International. They were both very powerful and popular outside, but they were willing to stay by the side of Emily now.

Even if Star was not good enough, she knew that if Emily merely relied on the identity of the president's wife of the World International, she would not be able to get the sincerity of the two of them. Even if they pretended to be humble and tough for the sake of Brian, she still needed Brian to give her the respect.

But now it seemed that this was not the case. Both Vincent and Mike gave Emily respect from the bottom of their hearts. As for Brian, Emily's husband, who had been dealing with documents since they came in, he gave her absolute respect.

Everything she once dreamed of, she envied and she pursued was lost now. She did not hesitate to destroy anything that Emily wished for, but she got nothing now, which was exactly what she strove to destroy.

Even though Emily had nothing at some time, even though she had been despised, expelled from the Xia clan, and even without the protection of her so-called family, she was still superior and radiated a unique light, and then she made the people who laughed, sneered at, hurt her, and received the punishment they deserved.

Silence followed. It was deathly silent. Vincent, Mike were about to leave, but apparently, Emily didn't care much about the situation, so they wanted to watch the play here of course. Besides, the show that Emily performed was absolutely excellent, and they didn't want to miss it. However, the silence now was so depressing.

On the contrary, Brian, who was sitting behind Emily, was in a calm state all the time, dealing with the documents in his hand as usual. He would completely leave everything about Star to Emily to deal with.

"Your gaze made me think that you're living a life that is as hopeless as death. Do you want to give up of the world? What's wrong, Miss Star? The fame, wealth, status and love you pursue now don't matter to you anymore. I can't see them in your eyes."

Star smiled, and her pale face made her smile look even more embarrassed. "Emily, I am very jealous of you."

"Well, I've know

should be looking for Charlie and Michael.

"Mr. Michael has already left. According to him, as long as I agree to help him, I can do whatever I want to Star. Do you think whether I agree or not?"

Star's eyes began to change. She wondered what Emily was thinking about.

"Miss Emily, Star now is my wife. We can't say anything about the mistakes we made in the past. If you want to vent your anger, you can just come straight to me."

"Wow, I didn't expect that you love your wife so much. You should learn from him, Brian" Emily shouted towards the back.

"Since Emily said so, I'll do it." Brian replied with a smile. Emily didn't want to tease him anymore.

"Since we are married, I have a responsibility. What do you want?" Standing in front of Star, Sawyer looked at Emily in front of him. It seemed that he didn't lie to her. Since he wasn't lying, there was no need for them to be cold to each other. A really boring couple might make people feel annoyed.

"You have paid me back what you owe me. Why should I torture you to the point that you are worse than death? I have no energy to waste on your affairs. You set me up and I will let you have a taste of losing your reputation. So we have nothing to do with each other. Don't appear in front of me for no reason and it also annoys me. You have to deal with your own business, don't talk about it to others so blatantly, or you should choose a person who likes to listen, I don't like to listen to your story. OK, go, get out. "

Thus, Star and Sawyer would be kicked out. When they left, Sawyer had some thoughts about what Emily had just said, but he was interrupted by the words of Star.

"Sawyer, let's get a divorce." After saying that, Star walked out of the World International. Standing there silently, Sawyer had some helplessness, some sighs, and more bitter. Looking at the sky silently, he wondered if this was the God's revenge on him.

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