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   Chapter 87 . Make A Choice

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"Yo, isn't this my grandpa and uncle? I haven't seen you for a long time. You are here to visit me, aren't you? After all, my grandpa has no such good intention."

Emily said sarcastically, staring at Michael's pale face.

Since entering the room, Charlie had been in a submissive state. Emily had already known a little about her uncle. He was not a bad guy, but had no judgment. He had always been led by Michael.

But she didn't look down upon him. Everyone had his own way of life. He was merely a timid man who didn't kill people or get involved in a fight. It didn't have a big problem. It's okay as if he would never do evil with Michael. What's more, Charlie had supported Emily before.

"How did you treat your grandpa? I'm your grandpa." Said Michael while beating his crutch with his hand.

"You know what? The biggest joke I've ever heard in the world! Grandpa, do you know who I am? Seven years ago when I was involved in the rumor, I lost my grandpa. When I was suffering from the pain I was living in another country, I lost my grandpa. I was losing everything that belonged to me, and I was driven out of the Xia clan. I lost everything including the grandpa. I just became the president's wife of the World International. Then why is there is a grandpa for me? "

Every word said by Emily was echoing in Michael's heart. Standing behind her, Charlie felt sad. When he heard that, he couldn't help but think, 'This is my nephew. What we did to her years ago! I couldn't believe that.'.

"I was blinded by the past and didn't see the reality clearly. Now I give you a chance to go back to the Xia clan." Charlie said, still shamelessly.

"Oh, I see. Tell me about it."

Emily was fiddling with her fingernails, gently brushing them. Anyone who knew her would know that she was in a bad mood, but Michael apparently didn't. hearing that, he still felt a little proud.

"The Xia clan is in danger. You can ask the World International to do us a favor and then I will let you go back to the Xia clan." As a matter of fact, Mike laughed coldly when he heard what Michael said. In contrast, Vincent smiled gently and elegantly, but it was a pity that there was no temperature in his smile.

"Oh, that's all. I don't know how difficult it is. But do you think I am so forget the past easily, my grandpa and the president of Xia Company?" The instant change in Emily's facial expression made Michael have a bad feeling.

"I have told you that I am cheated by Star. It is just a shadow formed by her. I have already asked someone to call her over. If you have any anger, you can go up to her directly."

Michael quickly waved to the people outside, and someone sent Star in. Her hands were already tied behind her back, and her face was pale. It was only a few months away from the original auction. Only a few months later, the happiness and sweetness that was overflowing in this woman's face had

y shook abruptly.

"I say it again. If you give up the Xia clan now, you can get a sum of money. Or you will get nothing. You can make a choice."

"You bastard! You treated your grandpa like this and you will pay for it!"

"Humph! You're the one who got the retribution first. My grandma and parents should have been waiting for you, waiting to tear your ghost apart."

Michael who was pretending to be brave fell down on the floor abruptly. Now he looked a little awkward. Emily thought that it was just a mutual wish. Moreover, she would never have any sympathy on a person like him.

"No, I was wrong. Grandmother and my parents should be in heaven. How can you see someone like them? You should end up in hell, which is to atone for your sin in the hell karma fire."

Michael fell on the ground, without any arrogance as before.

"Father..." At last, Charlie couldn't bear to see that. He went up to Michael and helped him to stand up. But he was pushed away by Michael. "How incompetent you are!" he said. Then he stood up by himself and stumbled out.

Charlie was a little worried. He asked other people to follow him and watched him.

"Emily, we will pick the first one. I'll go back and ask my father to sign all the documents. From now on, the Xia Company has nothing to do with us." Charlie said frankly.

Emily nodded.

"I'm sorry. I don't care whether it's meaningful or not. I owe you." It was rare for Charlie to say something like that with such a calm look.

But Emily remained silent.

Charlie looked at Star and said, "Emily, Star is my daughter. I am not a good father, and I don't teach Star well. If there is any fault, just count it on me." Charlie said with a hint of petition.

And this pray made Star stunned at his words.

Emily still did not speak. Charlie just sighed, no matter what she wanted to do, he would accept it. Because he was worried about Michael, he was eager to leave with Star.

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