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   Chapter 86 Love First, Pay First

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"Well, what should I say..." A light glint flashed in Emily's eyes. "In a word, they are my guardian. They belong to me exclusively. My brother can't use them." Her voice was long and narrow, but Brian was rarely calm when he heard this.

Emily stared at Brian's face. After making sure that there was no change in his mood, she leaned back in the car and said, "Huh, it's so boring. I thought I would see a different expression."

"You have made it clear to me about Zoey. I am just jealous for the first time because I didn't know it. I am jealous for the second time to deepen our relationship. If I go on to be like this, I will be narrow-minded."

"Wow! Mr. Brian is so considerate!"

"I have always been like this. Do you find it out until now? If so, I will be sad." The tone was so similar to that of Charles. When Emily heard these words, she immediately took the opportunity to withdraw from the side of him.

At last, she realized that his son had inherited his father's pretending to be a good boy. His father wouldn't ask him to do anything if he didn't know how to do.

Emily still followed Brian to go to the World International. Since there was someone operating Fern, she did not want to interfere too much. More importantly, she was not the kind of person who could stay in Fern for a whole day.

When Vincent saw Emily come in, he nodded with a slight smile. It seemed that the reason why he treated her this way was not only because of her identity in Fern, but also because of Alice. Emily was staring at him with a meaningful look.

"Emily, please don't stare at me like that. I'm afraid that Brian will be jealous."

"Oh, Mr. Vincent looks so happy today. Was there anything good happening yesterday?"

"Don't make fun of me, Emily. You know what I'm thinking." If she hadn't known it, she wouldn't have done that yesterday.

With a smile on her face, she pulled up a chair and sat in front of Vincent. "I don't want to ask you why you have feelings for Alice. I can see that you are serious, but I want to know to what degree you are serious about this."

She stared at him with a serious look on her face, letting him know how serious she was when she said those words. And he could feel the weight of her words.

"I'm not very clear now. I can only say that if I choose a woman who can accompany me through the rest of my life, I will choose Alice without hesitation, and I'm afraid this will not change in decades to come. The Su family can be emotionless if they have no feelings, and their love will remain deep."

Vincent's answer was very clear. But when she heard that Vincent mentioned the Su family, she was slightly stunned.

"The Su family? Is it the Su family that I think of?" Said Emily.

Hearing that, Vincent smiled and said, "Since you think so, it should be."


ast a glance at Emily.

"It seems to be related to me. Tell me."

Mike looked at Brian, who nodded to him with a smile.

"The Xia clan are downstairs. They want to see Miss Emily."

Mike had planned to kick them out of the house. After all, he knew what had happened when Emily was slightly amnesia. The Xia clan even dared to treat her like that. She was not only the wife of the CEO of the World International, but also Mike and Vincent's sister-in-law.

In his opinion, the Xia clan should be eliminated from the city. But Mike thought of Emily's identity and remembered Emily said that she didn't want the Xia Company to go bankrupt. So Mike didn't kick them out.

"Oh, they seldom come here. I'm afraid they come here for the World International. I have to say that it feels so good to have a backer. Wow, Mr. Brian, don't you mind me playing with the fame of your company?"

"Whatever. You're the wife of the president of the World International. You can do whatever you want." As for what she would play, Brian could also guess it.

"Thank you very much, Mr. Brian. It must take them a lot of effort to remember that I'm the daughter of the Xia clan who had been expelled from the Xia clan. If they were my family, I will give them a chance. Please take them here."

Mike sensed that there was no concern or interest in the figure of Emily. There must be something interesting to make them see Emily. So he let them go.

When Michael and Charlie came in, they saw that Emily was sitting on the couch in the center of the room, while Vincent and Mike were sitting on the left, right, and Brian was sitting on the chair behind the desk of Emily. He was dealing with the documents in his hands. He didn't even raise his head when they came in.

Even Emily wanted to snap his fingers and cry "good" at this moment, but obviously it was not the right time to say it.

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