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   Chapter 85 The Son And The Father

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9082

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"It seems that we should take a family photo. I'm jealous of you."

"Mr. Brian, do you think it's proper for you to envy your own son openly? If you leave indelible trauma on my heart, you will suffer from damnation."

"Okay. I haven't had the experience of Damnation for so long. Let's have a look."

As a result, Charles was completely defeated again. Of course, it was because he was in a bad mood last night. He couldn't speak some tricky words to Brian, let alone he didn't seem to beat his father in verbal argument. Anyway, this man wouldn't lose even in face of his mother.

After saying that, Brian took Charles in his arms and sat on the chair. Although Charles was already seven years old, he still enjoyed being hugged by him. Maybe it was because he had not feel such warm hugs in the past seven years. Maybe it was because Brian could make him calm down.

"Where's Mommy?"

"She went back to her room to sleep."

"Why haven't you come back yet?"

Smiling, Brian didn't say anything. With one hand, he tapped on Charles's computer. Charles didn't move in his arms. He looked quite at ease.

"Are you worried about your mom?" Brian took back his hand from the computer.

"Yes!" Charles nodded without hesitation.

"What would you do if someone hurt your mommy?"

"Kill him!" As Charles was speaking, his face turned gloomy. If Emily had heard what he said, she would have thought it was totally out of her mistake to make Charles behave violently. However, it was a pity that it was Brian who heard that.

"Well, that's good. Don't think too much. Everything floating in the dark will finally come to light, and those bad intentions will eventually be revealed. Only if we have enough strength, can we make sure that your mommy is not buried in the whirlpool."

Brian said calmly. It was rare for Charles to be touched. He stared at Brian and asked, "Mr. Brian, do you have such power?"

With a smile on his face, Brian just said, "Go to bed early. A seven-year-old kid is too young to think too much about it. It will not only hurt your hair, but also damage your charming appearance. Besides, you have to remember that you are my son and Emily is my wife, and both of you are the people I will try my best to protect."

Charles was stunned, feeling very warm in his heart. However, when Brian walked to the door, he suddenly stopped and said, "Oh, by the way, Charles, the three layers of the protective system built by the computer's secret system are very easy to be broken. Go on with your efforts."

Then he went out to his room briskly. Charles was in a daze for a few seconds just because his father knew he had installed several layers of shields. His father just clicke

have such awareness at all, much less consciousness. He casually hailed a taxi and left, wearing his most attractive clothing.

At the same time, a young man about ten years old walked out of the airport. He had a handsome face and looked like a student. He looked at the sky outside the city and saw the time on his watch. He hailed a taxi and left the airport slowly, seeming to be watching the city.

After sending Charles to school, Brian and Emily left. There were still several people who could not be ignored behind Charles. They were extremely loyal to keep a distance from Charles.

After what Emily had said yesterday, Charles decided to let it go. Now that he wanted to spend more time with them, he entered the school, pretending that he didn't care it at all.

"Listen to me carefully. Your brother left John's men to you," Brian had already figured out who these people were yesterday. There were few people in this city who didn't have enmity towards Charles and even tried his best to protect him to this extent. It was easy to find out who they were.

"Well, sort of."

"Nice tracking."

"Come on! You have seen everything!"

"Even Charles has noticed it. If I fail to notice it, it will have a bad influence on my status in his heart."

Emily sighed and thought to herself, 'Damn it! These men are really good at tracking, but the person whom they are tracking is also a talent.'

It was always a piece of cake for Emily to find out that Brian was a professional. Through all the things these days, he was an expert, or, to be exact, a master in every aspect.

"Zoey and your brother are not on the same side?" Two groups of people, one was near John, and the other was Zoey. At the sight of Zoey, Brian could smell the bloody smell on him, even though he had covered it.

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