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   Chapter 84 My Mommy

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"I know. I've given you a chance to make up for your mistakes," said Emily soulfully.

Brian smiled and thought, Of course he knew what she means. Even in Emily didn't say that she love him deeply, she is willing to give her body and their future to him. Who can say that it's not because of love?'.

But now that Emily had told him, he didn't bother with it anymore. He decided to find out what he was going to do, "And then?"

"The next thing I knew was that I was in chaos for a while. Then I was forced to have a rest for some time. When I recovered, when I wanted to come back, I found my ID card was taken away. I couldn't go anywhere."

"Is it the head of the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion?" Brian said.

"Yes. All my certificates were kept by him, and I can't find them in seven years." It reminded Emily of those days. She even wanted to revenge.

It seemed that she was also very good at looking for things. But she had been unable to find what she wanted in several years. Moreover, the paths on which she wanted to go out by herself were all ruined.

Sometimes, Emily was really curious about what her brother had prepared for her. He believed that she would lose her memory and have forgotten everything, but he still prepared something in case she remembered the past. Moreover, his preparation was so perfect that Emily couldn't do anything about it.

"You contacted John after that?"

"I didn't need to ask him for help. My father knew everything by looking at me. I had thought of all the things, and such news would soon be in the hands of John. Of course, Alice knew that too. It was John who contacted me and had spoken some nonsense to me."

Emily gradually calmed down because of those craps. Her brother had given up everything for her in exchange of her safety. She could go back but it needed time until she really had the strength to face everything in the past and come back.

Thinking of what his brother had told her before her memory was gone, he said he wanted her to live a happy and secure life. So in the past seven years, Emily had spent a lot of time to become what she was now. So in the following seven years, Emily was sure that she would win when dealing with Fern. So after seven years, she returned to life in a strong manner, and she went on to her goal again in the city.

"I should thank your brother." Everything that the man had done for Emily was deeply touching Brian. He could guess that the man's death must be related to Emily and her past.

"But I don't want to thank him. Or more precisely, I hate him!" Emily finished her drink and put the glass on the table.

"The more I drank, the more tasteless it was. It's late at night, and I have to sleep now." She jumped off the chair and headed for her room.

Brian shook the wine in the glass.

inancial power in the family, but what he knew was not Fern.

Charles had never wanted to investigate his mommy before, but now he felt that there seemed to be a deep whirlpool around his mommy. He knew that his mommy had always protected him well and didn't want him to be involved in real danger. However, there was danger behind his mommy, and he knew that when he was just several years old.

'The Heavenly Wolf Pavilion must know something about my mommy. Grandfather must have known something about my mommy's past. But he doesn't know how much did he know. The best way is to find everything out from the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion, ' he thought.

Even so, he still knew that his great grandfather wouldn't tell him anything without his mother's permission. On the one hand, his grandfather wanted to protect him. On the other hand, he couldn't understand the complex emotions between his great grandfather and his mother.

Besides, there was a person that he had never heard of, the brother that his mother had never mentioned. His uncle had done so much for his mommy. What did he want? He didn't think he was simply protecting his mommy's life. More and more mysteries confused him. In order to better protect his mommy, he thought it necessary to investigate.

No one could bully his mother, both before and after his birth.

When Brian pushed the door open, he saw that Charles was still lost in thought, so he could see how grave he looked. However, he didn't seem to be surprised.

When Brian knocked on the door gently, Charles changed his expression which was the same to change from a bloodthirsty beast to a lovely pet who dressed up as a pig but was a tiger in the end.

Brian walked in with a smile. He looked at the screen of the computer, on which there was a photo of Charles and Emily which was used as the wallpaper. They laughed wildly.

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