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   Chapter 83 Original Memory

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That was because the wine was left only with Emily, Brian and Charles. Looking at such a sum of cheers from Emily, he was the first to speak.

"Shouldn't I be jealous now? After all, someone just showed his love to my wife."

"Brian, don't tell me you don't know whether it's true or not." Emily cast a scornful glance at the shameless Brian.

"So uncle John loves you secretly, why didn't you tell me earlier, Mommy? I have so many backups to be my father." Holding by Brian in his arms, Charles kept on refining his vital energy.

"You brat, are you out of your mind? Or you are just pretending to be smart?"

"Mommy, I'm just a seven-year-old kid. I don't understand adults' love."

Damn it! When Emily heard what Charles said, she was speechless. Then she said, "Was his ability to be shameless inherited from Brian, or he learned from others himself? Then she sighed and thought, 'Why didn't he inherit some good quality from me? Is there something wrong with the genes? Maybe I should find out some other day."

Everyone was embarrassed and couldn't help cursing loudly, "What do you mean by saying that Charles inherited from his father? Self-cultivation? Miss Emily, haven't you found that Charles really got these genes from you?" Emily obviously doesn't know herself well".

It was rare that Emily didn't talk back this time but directly took the car. Charles looked at her incredibly.

"It is a blow to her."

"No, I don't think so. Your mommy must be thinking about the problem of your genes. You look like a cute boy, but your ways to speak have an impact on your appearance and image. She couldn't bear it."

Tears streamed down Charles's cheeks. "We are biological!" he exclaimed. Charles had repeated the words many times.

"Well, I also remember that you were talking about daddy's backup just now. It seems that in your heart, your real father may not be the best."

Tears welled up in Charles's eyes when he heard what his father said. 'What is it? Do you want to take revenge on me? I just said that randomly, so don't remember it. Besides, I heard that you were very happy to hear that just now. Do you settle accounts with me afterwards, burn the bridge after crossing it?' he thought.

If Emily heard it, she might have dropped Charles off and put him back to kindergarten.

"No, Mr. Brian, you must be wrong. My father is absolutely the best. You have the same charming face as mine. Except Mr. Brian, who else can give me this handsome face? Am I right, my father?"

Charles thought for a while and made a clear conclusion that he couldn't offend his father and mother. If he offended his father, he wouldn't have eaten so much food every day. Of course if he offended his mother, the consequences would beyond his expectations.

Brian was shocked that he had to depend on a handsome face to

ot a big deal. It will be okay to take some stimulation."

Hearing what she said, Brian's eyes got tighter. He didn't think that the simple stimulation could restore her memory, and this stimulation must be very intense for her.

In the face of Brian's gaze, Emily sighed slightly and said, "I remember everything after going through the gate of hell." Although Emily tried her best to say in a softer tone, it still shocked Brian.

"What happened?" The mere hearing of the word "hell" almost made Brian heartbroken and forget to breathe.

His undoubted and irrefutable tone made Emily feel a little helpless. "When I gave birth to Charles, my body was not in good health. Then I accidentally rubbed my body against something, and I remember that."

Emily had told him briefly. But Brian thought of what Charles had said. Thinking about Emily's words, he almost guessed the answer. Charles said that Emily was in poor health and she almost died during the labor.

It seemed that it was not the only case. At the time when Emily was about to give birth, she was provoked before the labor. With the pain, she suddenly remembered that. But he couldn't imagine what mental state she was in to face everything like that.

Everything in the past had changed. Having lost her brother, she had a son all of a sudden. Besides, the life she had always thought was someone else's. Brian could not imagine that.

"You seem to be saying that you are sorry. Brian, you don't need to feel sorry. It's my decision to give birth to him. Whether it's before or after memory loss, he's my child, and it's my luck to keep him. If you want to say sorry, I'll feel that you're denying the existence of Charles, so don't let me think so."

"I know, even if I say sorry sincerely, the past is still the past, and there is no way to change it. But I will feel heartbroken if I know what did you suffer."

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