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   Chapter 82 A Matchmaker

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Emily gave the documents back to John with a simple reason. Now if she is with a lot of shares in hand and she would probably think of her brother someday, she would gnash her teeth and deal with the stock without hesitation. After all, she liked money a lot, so it would be better to stay in John's place.

Besides, John was the supervisor of her. After her brother's death and Ron's disappear, John followed her brother's wish and helped her a lot.

In Emily's eyes, of course, John was just a frivolous and idle person who just wanted to do something for others. She wasn't a seven-year-old kid like Charles and didn't need to be looked after when doing anything, but in fact, John had helped her a lot in taking care of her since she regained her memory. She didn't to think about it anymore. After all, it was many years ago.

Then Emily glimpsed Mike and said, "Hey, Mike, you haven't given my son's present, have you?"

Mike was reminded of it at that time. "Emily, how much do you want?"

"Can I have as much as I want? I won't go easy on it." When it came to money, she wouldn't be mild.

At that time, Vincent spared no effort to give Mike signals. After all, it was not easy for him to escape from the Emily's villa that year. They would not be able to afford it if they let Emily do as she want. Rest assured, Emily would definitely be ruthless to them. It was a matter of deep feeling for him.

Mike seemed to understand what Vincent meant. After all, they had been together for so many years, so he understood what was in his eyes. He said, "Emily, I'll follow Vincent."

After that, he took out the check and wrote down the 200 million dollars. The procedure was done in one go. It was obvious that this was no fun for Emily. But when she faced the check, she still laughed happily, as if she had never seen so much money.

It was hard for others to believe that Emily was the boss behind Fern, and the wife of the president of the World International. It was hard to figure out how much money these two companies owned, except for core personnel.

After she had successfully tricked Mike, she turned around and glanced at John and Alice. Then she said on purpose, "Hey, don't choose any gifts for this rascal. Let's enjoy the happiness of money." She shook the check in her hand slightly.

Both of John and Alice were clever people but they didn't know from time to time when did Emily make up her mind to extort money from others. They hadn't seen that before. However, seeing that Emily had a good time, of course they didn't say anything more.

Following Mike's example, they took out checkbooks and write one for the same number of check. Without destroy any respect to the other, they just wanted to satisfy Emily.

As a result, within a few minutes, Emily had obtained six hundred


"Oh, really?" With a faint smile at the corners of her eyes, Emily said, "So you have a woman who you have been loving secretly for many years, who is she, who is she? Why haven't I heard of her before?"

Only God knew what kind of words could be spoken out of Emily's mouth. Since John had got used to that, so he looked at Brian who was standing behind her all the time with a faint smile on his face. Even John wanted to secretly scold that, wondering how ridiculous the reports were in this city.

It was said that Brian was a playboy. He was handsome, elegant and charming. John was sure that he was not a playboy.

However, this did show that Brian was a powerful man. After so many years, he had concealed the real strength of him from others. No one saw that side of him. His disguise of strength was really admirable.

After putting on a mask, John could tell that he had been the romantic Mr. Brian before. If he had taken off a mask, he would have been the president of the World International with force. Such a contrast didn't make any official afraid for John, but relieved. If he didn't have the courage to play tricks on the world, how could he pluck up the courage to guard the fate of Emily?

It seemed that Emily had unwittingly chosen a suitable person to get married on the spur of the moment, and the results would not be expected. John was satisfied with this result, and it was rare for him to show a pleasant smile.

"Of course you have never heard of it, Miss. Haven't you known that the person I have kept in mind for so many years is always you?" Then he left.

Emily was stunned there. After a few seconds, she shouted in a frenzy, "John, how dare you play with me?"

However, he had gone far. Mike left quickly after he heard the low growl of Emily. Nobody knew if the victim would be him. He didn't want to be a bad punching bag.

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