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   Chapter 81 Be Frank And Honest

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But Brian was at a loss whether to annoy his own son or not.

"Oh, I find it interesting to see him being beaten." Brian said bluntly.

Upon hearing this, Emily burst into laughter. She didn't care about the little boy in her arms anymore, but looked at Brian with tacit understanding. Her meaning was obvious, indicating that she should ask him when he discovered this.

As expected, Brian also responded to her. He was aware of it long ago, but he didn't have such an experience.

Emily nodded with great satisfaction. He was worthy to be taught.

While in the arms of the little boy, Charles's heart was broken. He wondered if his parents were like this, who were ridiculing his son in the face of his son. He felt that his heart was almost broken into pieces. He could not live another day. He was going to run away from home. As soon as he got out of her arms, he glared at the two of them, full of grievance and resentment.

"All right, all right. I was just kidding. Your aggrieved look almost melted the South Pole glacier." Said Emily while fixing his eyes on Charles.

"Come and sit here. Your mommy's arm is getting tired." Brian took him in his arms and put him down on the chair next to him. But he didn't push him away, because he didn't want to make Emily tired.

Looking at the father and son's slight smiles, Emily knew, no matter how much joke he had made, that Charles had long accepted Brian as his father, and Brian should have admitted his son at the very beginning. There was an inexorable connection between them.

However, no matter how much Charles understood, he would try his best to get even with her for the sake of his dignity. So Charles still looked angry after he came out from the arm of Brian, Emily slowly and clearly looked at him.

"Brian, drunk duck and drunk shrimps are extraordinary here. I was going to have a try, but I've heard that the boy at the door of the restaurant, who is angry, cannot have it, or else he would get a sore throat easily, so I'll wait to taste it next time." She then was about to ask Brian to cancel the order.

"Wait a minute, Miss Emily. You must have misread it. There is no angry person here. Look at the warm and beautiful smiles on the faces of the people around you. Of course, they are not as charming as me. Miss Emily, it is very suitable for us to have a try now."

Charles raised his head, looking very arrogant. He was determined to risk his life on the person who didn't allow him to eat these food. Brian shook his head with a smile. He knew exactly who Charles was, and if he ate something, he could stop joking.

The people around them seemed to have been accustomed to their changing abilities, so they faced it calmly.

The dishes were served very quickly, mainly because a foodie here had been impatient, how dare they neglect them with the

. But the transfer was made by herself and she wanted to transfer Fern's shares to Charles. Without any hesitation, she was about to sign her name, but at the moment when she was about to write down her name, she was stopped by a sudden hand.

"What?" Looking at the hand from Brian, she asked.

"This is a gift that your brother left for you. He wants to protect you. Keep it. If you worry about Charles, there is the World International behind the scene to support him."

Emily gazed at Brian and didn't look away.

"It's right for you to transfer them to Charles, but I don't think Charles will accept the company that his uncle has established to protect his mother. This is yours, and it is a unique gift your brother left to you. Don't divide it, even give it to Charles."

Even though the dead man would agree with her, Brian didn't want to cut off his care. This made Emily hurt, but at the same time, she would always remember it.

"Mommy, you have to believe in your genius son. Besides, I don't want to fight against my uncle. Everything of you is mine. Mommy, there's no need to waste your time. You will hurt me." At the same time, Charles blinked his pure big eyes, and there was the steam emitting from them.

In the end, Emily put down her pen and shook her head helplessly. It was her illusion that she only wanted to increase the protection of Charles's future, but ignored that it also contained feelings from several people.

"You have to believe me, Emily. I can protect Charles as well." A smile of self-confidence made Emily feel at ease. Maybe it was OK to believe a little.

John looked at Brian thoughtfully, who had just spoken out a few words clearly into his ears to protect Charles. Even if he had guessed the complexity behind Emily, he was still able to say something like that. Was he too arrogant or really powerful? John pushed his glasses up again.

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