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   Chapter 80 The So Called Love

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But Emily and Charles were not like mother and son, but they didn't dare to say anything like that. First of all, if anyone dared to say that in front of Charles, he might think it was boring in the world, and Charles would definitely make him enjoy the "fun" that he had never enjoyed before.

There was no doubt that they were a real mother and son, although the relationship between them was not so simple. More importantly, they were both guileful. They, together with Brian, made a perfect match.

"Emily, your brother..." It was unknown how many times Vincent wanted to speak but stopped on a second thought.

Emily had already guessed what Vincent wanted to ask her about. He must wonder why there was no marks left in Fern by her brother. To the extent that Brian cared about Fern very much, he was sure to have investigated Fern even if he didn't get to the bottom of it. But she was certain that there was no trace of his brother in the investigation.

"He won't go forward until he pays attention to the details in his life. Sometimes I may think that he have thought too much that it will be weird if his hair didn't lose. But unfortunately, before he loses his hair, he leaves the world first."

Vincent and Mike kept silent, but from what she said just now, they could tell that his brother was definitely not a simple person. If he was alive, he must have drawn a lot of attention in business or politics, not to mention that nobody could find his traces. From John and Alice, his men, they knew he was unusual.

Brian was not surprised at all. Maybe since the moment he returned to the country, when he came into contact with Fern, he had known something. But he did not expect that one day he would be connected with Fern, and there were many people involved in their affairs.

"Ye, you just said that your brother established Fern for you, Emily?" Mike opened his mouth and asked Emily. This seemed to be the focus of his attention.

Hearing that, Emily chuckled slightly. She knew that Mike wasn't the only one who was curious about it, including Charles who was quiet. Since Emily ask him to listened to her quietly, Charles had been very calm. The expression on his face was really the same as that of Brian. Like father, son.

"Yes, I did say that. It's a fact. Fern was established for me at the very beginning. Of course, I'm not willing to, but he did. I know you are curious about why I said that and why my brother established an enterprise for me." She said calmly.

"The reason is very simple. He want to give me a safe and comfortable life. After all, I need money everywhere, and more than that, of course, the most important reason is to improve my fighting

u don't deserve my jealousy. I am jealous of your mother. Finally, I am indeed jealous, but it's not you. On the contrary, I am more willing to communicate more with her than affectionately looking at each other." Brian said calmly.

Charles wanted to cry, but had no tears. Brian's tone suggested that he and his mommy had a closer relationship now. When did that happen? He didn't even know it. Suddenly, it reminded him of what was happening last night, and he rushed into Emily's arms.

"Mommy, have you slept with Mr. Brian?" Charles cried, as if he had been robbed.

But these words didn't lighten Emily's mood. Instead, he received a heavy blow from her. "You naughty boy. When we get back, I'll take away your electronics. How can a pure heart end up like this? You make me feel incompetent."

"Wow, Mommy, I'm going to be out of favor!" These words were out of Mike and Vincent's expectation. They were in a daze. Even the serious expression on the faces of Alice and John changed a little. They were really surprised by what Charles said. He indeed had the ability to shock others which seemed to be inherited from Emily.

On the other hand, Emily was very calm when she heard this. After all, she knew his son very well, as well as Brain.

"It's not that you are going to be out of favor but you have already lost it. Don't you know it?" Brian added in a calm tone, which immediately caused Charles to take a fierce look at him.

"Hey, you have a sense of accomplishment to antagonize a seven-year-old child." In case that he would fall, Emily slightly held him in her arms. Brian was very calm and composed towards them. Emily didn't know what else to say to express her speechless. Of course, she didn't hate it. She had already done it so she wasn't afraid of others' words.

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