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   Chapter 79 President of Fern

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9178

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But now it seemed that they wouldn't. Then who would they be? They stayed away from him or watched him from a distance? Of course Charles didn't like to be disturbed. But it seemed that these people knew him very well, and they just watch him from a distance that Charles could accept.

'Who else knows me so well except my mommy and daddy? Of course they are not sent by my mommy or Daddy. If they asked them here, they would inform me before. Who are they? I haven't seen any of them in the past few days. They seem to be different. I don't know when I am so popular?' Charles thought with gloominess.

In fact, he had planned to ask his father in a cute and smart way, but these men seemed to be able to smell his scent, and disappeared within a certain range of his appearance. They were well-trained and made him speechless. He guessed that these people were not ordinary people. He couldn't ask them or guess, so he met the most helpless thing since he came to this city.

Looking at the rain sky, he was deep in thought.

When Emily and Brian arrived here, they saw a figure thinking in the rain. HMM, if this figure was a little taller, it would look handsome. But now... Well, of course, they should say something. After all, it was quite beautiful on the side. Of course, it was because their genes were strong enough. They just felt a little awkward.

"Charles, what's wrong with you today? It's the first time for you to be so thoughtful. Don't think too much at your age. Be careful that after several years, your black hair will become white."

It was rare that Charles didn't contradict her, but his eyes were still fixed on the distance. "Mommy, who do you think is there? Why do they stare at me like this? Do they take a fancy to me? I'm only seven years old."

Hearing all these, Emily was speechless. She looked far and saw clearly that the person moved away as soon as she made eye contact with them. Squinting slightly, she loosened her grip slowly and the corners of her mouth raised into a rare smile.

"Since when?"

"It's more than a week, I guess."

"How many groups of people are there?" asked Emily.

As soon as he heard his mummy's words, he looked away and asked, "Mommy, how can you know they are not a group of people at the first sight?" He observed for a few days and found out.

Emily didn't answer him. Of course, she didn't find it out by her eyes. She just knew it in her heart.

"I think two groups." Replied Charles.

"Well, do you think it's troublesome?" She held his hand and didn't look at the people in the distance anymore.

"They seem to know me well and didn't disturb me." Because of it, he didn't hate these people, not to mention that they were really nimble. Charles kne

her words.

"Charles, I know you may feel weird. You have been smart since you were a child, and I have never hidden many things from you. It's the same this time. Mommy is not the real Emily, but Mommy borrowed a face from someone else. The real Emily passed away nine years ago, and then Mommy borrowed this face. Don't you think it is inconceivable? So are you afraid? The mother you know is always a different one. "

Emily thought that she could face anyone with this face, not even Charles. They were related by blood. But she knew that she couldn't hide it from him all her life. Her son was too smart.

As soon as he heard that, he pounced into his mother's arms and shouted, "No, you're my mommy who sang a song to me when I was a little child. You're my mommy who told stories to me and asked for justice for me when I was kidnapped. You're also who liked to tease me. No matter what kind of face you are, you're always my favorite mommy."

He hugged her tightly. If this was the biggest secret of her, then he would take it calmly. No matter who her mother was and what she hid, he would stand by her side.

Emily smiled slightly. Her genuine smile was like the warmest spring wind on March, comforting people. "I know, but it's also because no one in the world deserves to be your mother except me."

Hearing that, the depressed atmosphere was immediately dispersed, and only the most sweet conversation was left. However, Charles didn't have any aversion to this arrogance of Emily at all, because she was his mommy.

The people around them were used to the way that they got along with each other. If they were mother and son, they would fight against each other without any mercy, and most of the time, it could not be said that Charles were defeated, because they had never seen such an unkind mother.

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