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   Chapter 78 Being Followed

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9507

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"Fern has always been sedate in the past few years, so it is always excellent in the business field and wins steadily. It has never been obviously against the big family in the city. Now it seems that Alice is going to take some actions."

At the same time, Vincent also said following Mike. He suddenly became the CEO of the World International who was flexible in the business when talking about things in the business.

Hearing Vincent and Mike's conversation, Brian glanced at Emily meaningfully. Emily shrugged with a smile. She didn't have any purpose. It was good for Fern to be active but it didn't mean to destroy the Yun group's business. However, he didn't intend to do that, but Yun group ran into a sleeping lion itself, making itself very painful and bloody.

Brian shook his head with affection. He wouldn't say anything good for the Yun group. He would definitely stand by Emily's side no matter what happened. Emily could play whatever she wanted. Even if she destroyed the Yun group, it had nothing to do with him now. But he didn't expect that the company he had always cared about would belong to Emily. In the end, he still felt a throb in his heart.

Seeing no response from Brian, Vincent and Mike were both confused. They had been watching the movements of Fern for so many years.

At the beginning, Mike and Vincent didn't know what attitude to hold towards Brian's feeling to Fern, but they still believed in his feeling and also noticed that Fern was different.

The Fern with calmness seemed to be even more mysterious than the World International, which attracted people's curiosity and investigation. However, they finally maintained a posture of spectator and watched everything silently.

Emily didn't care what they thought or what would happen to her. She only knew that whoever messed with her must pay a price, and so did the Yun's group. Besides, she didn't provoke the Yun's group first. They came to her for abuse, so how could she refuse it?

"Oh, by the way, I'm going to treat you at the hotel tonight. Remember to come on time. Oh, Mike, you haven't seen Charles yet, right? Don't forget to bring gifts and toys. I like money more than anything else. Of course, my son is like me. Mr. Vincent gave him a gift of 200 million as soon as he met him. You won't be stingy, will you?"

Looking at Mike's pathetic smile, Emily felt good. Vincent thought her smile was sick. He thought that Emily was so good at extorting money from others. Thinking of his two hundred million which he had been extorted, he didn't feel sympathy for Mike when he saw Mike was tortured by Emily as well. He just signed that there was finally someone who had the same experience with him.

Of course, Vincent could only think about it in his heart, but he would not say a word on the face. After all, if his mind was

hen it came to matters that Charles was in charge.

"Don't worry. You know how strong your son is. Generally speaking, no one can hurt him. Even if he is in danger, I'm afraid you should not worry about this brat. You should worry the one who dare to kidnap him."

When she said that, she was overconfident and arrogant, while Brian had complete confidence for her. That was to say that Charles had the ability to make Emily feel at ease. Thinking of Charles's skills to fight and the things he had been exploring, Brian felt relieved, indeed.

What's more, even if we don't send someone, he will be closely followed by someone. " Looking out of the car, Emily said with a smile. Brian didn't ask more questions.

Charles felt depressed these days. In fact, it was not because his dear mommy and Brian didn't come to pick him up. More importantly, he could feel that there were some people watching him from behind. He knew they were good at hiding their identity, but they couldn't escape from his eyes.

Did James cause any trouble when he was abroad? He might let others to know his real identity and they were here for revenge. If that was the truth, he would have rushed to the island where James was now so that he wouldn't see the rising sun tomorrow. But it was not the case now, because there was no hatred in the air behind him. Charles couldn't understand it.

Charles thought, 'Aren't they here to take revenge? Or are they here to protect me? If so, they must not be James' men. Without my permission, he doesn't dare to send people here now, unless he doesn't want to spend the rest of his life peacefully. They can't be my grandfather's people who will just show their identity directly. Although my mother will ask them to leave, for the sake of my grandfather, she won't do it in an extreme way. Moreover, there was benefits waiting for him. He was happy to see that.'

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