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   Chapter 76 Their Romantic Night

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9318

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Brian buried his head in Emily's neck. He hugged her tightly and walked towards the bed.

The atmosphere was intense. They couldn't resist the so-called romantic atmosphere.

Her shirt had been taken off by Brian and she was naked in front of him. His hand began to do down her body. He gripped her pants and said, "Is that okay?"

Emily could feel the heat on Brian's body and his endurance. This playboy, who had been rumored to be a womanizer, had been restraining his desire for her. How could he not love her?

Emily caressed his cheek and said, "You are a fool." She smiled like an enchanting goblin.

People all said that Brian was a charming evildoer. But in his eyes, now Emily was even more charming than him, who could seduce others by a glance. But at this moment, he was willing to die.

"I have already tempted you like this. What else do you need to think about? It is the best choice for you to take action now."

After being stunned for a while, a smile suddenly appeared on Brian's face. In the light of the smile at the corners of Emily's mouth, it became a harmonious picture, which could not be broken by anyone.

Therefore, Brian didn't want to endure it anymore. He wanted to get Emily for a long time. Emily was enduring the burning kiss from Brian with a faint smile.

Even though she had no idea how much she loved Brian, she knew that the man in front of her had affected her emotions. In this case, she would love him, no matter what would happen in the future. What's more, she would be in control of the future.

Although she felt less painful than when she was drugged by Star that night, she still felt a little painful. She used to be so angry with the man who was together with her at that night. Now the pain mixed with relief, relief and sweetness.

She was too exhausted and fell asleep. But before she fell asleep, she had been thinking how many days he didn't release his energy. She was exhausted so she didn't have the strength to ask him.

Looking at the woman who was sleeping beside him with a faint smile at the corners of her mouth, Brian got a little confused about the slight marks all over her body. He certainly knew who had done it. He failed to control his strength. The woman in front of him finally belonged to him.

The woman he loved was his wife. He didn't care what would happen in the future, and no matter who she was and how deeply she loved him, he had to be with her. Even if the world would be destroyed one day, he wouldn't let go of her.

At first, Brian was about to go back to sleep with Emily in his arms, but when he heard the voice from outside, he had to get up.

"My mommy and Mr. Brian spent the whole afternoon inside the room. I'm wondering why my daddy and mommy forgot to pick me up. Wha

Mr. Brian, it must be a long time that you don't release your energy. Those women around you are just useless, are they?" She was pretending to be cool. But when she thought of what Brian did yesterday, she felt he was like a hungry wolf swooping on its prey. Of course she admitted that she was irresistible. But obviously, he was more hungry than her charm.

This time, Brian had once again witnessed Emily's capability to say some evil words. It was probably because he had been resistant to Emily's that kind of ability, and his reply didn't last long. Then a brighter smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

"That's a compliment. I'm so glad that you are so nice to me. It seems that you still miss what we had been like yesterday. How about we think about it again?" Then he threw himself down on her body. Her bathrobe was untied because of his move.

"Hey, what makes you think I miss it so much? Mr. Brian, are you having an illusion?" Emily didn't push him away. She smiled at him.

"Any place."

Before Emily could say anything, Brian began to kiss her wildly. Now that she had admitted that she loved him, she didn't need to force herself to stop. If he wanted, she could give him anything he wanted. Besides, it was not a matter of care but also love.

When they finally finished and went out, all the staff in and out of the World International had already been doing their job according to the routine. At the sight of the playful and teasing eyes of Vincent, Emily knew that such a cunning man like Vincent must have guessed something. However, it didn't matter. After all, as she and Brian were a legal couple, it was not strange that something happened between them. So she ignored the smile on his face.

But all of a sudden, she thought of something and asked, "Where is Charles?" She hadn't seen Charles since yesterday.

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