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   Chapter 75 Have Sex

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In just a few minutes, Emily seemingly casually glanced at the people in the presence, and told them some hidden problems behind them. Few of them were clean. At the beginning, Emily looked down on them, but now when they looked at her, their expressions changed dramatically.

Even Vincent and Mike didn't expect that Emily knew them so well. It was not that they were not surprised, but they were accustomed to the surprise that Emily brought to them. They even accepted the identity of her. What else could make them change their expression?

Of course the people present had a hard time.

"After so much talking, I'm a little thirsty. I'd better find something to drink. I'm not in the mood to stay here."

Then she looked at Brian and said, "Honey, I'll wait for you outside." Before leaving, she didn't forget to show off her sweetness. Brian smiled and said, "Your favorite coffee flavor is in the cabinet of my office. Ask someone to make a cup of coffee for you."

Emily nodded and waved her hand. She walked out of the conference room with a disdainful look. Now everyone was slightly scared of her, so they all calmed down.

"Since Emily has exposed the truth for you, I don't need to explain anything else. The people who purchased the company property and made fake accounts and so on shouldn't appear in the World International from now on." His voice was intimidating and decisive.

"President, you can't do this. How much impact will it caused to the whole company if we resign one by one. Have you ever thought about it?" Some people still wanted to struggle for a while.

Hearing that, Brian just smiled. "Mr. Lu, do you know what is the most indispensable thing in the world?"

"There are so many talents in the world. There are many people who will make a great difference if you give him an opportunity, and some people just waste the opportunity. My opportunity will be given to the people who are worthy of it, but you fail my trust and you have only a few chances. If you miss it, you have to disappear from the World International tomorrow. If there is someone behind you, you should remember to tell them that they should not find fault with the World International. "

Everyone was collapsing on the chair. Vincent looked at them and smiled, as if nothing had happened. Mike didn't even look at them and followed Brian out.

"So soon!" When the coffee wasn't ready, Brian had already came back.

"The facts are in front of me. It will be easy to handle them."

Taking over the coffee cup in the hand of Emily, he began to brew it expertly. But Emily loosed her hand indifferently, shrugging her shoulders. She was accustomed to such a gesture of Brian.

"If you take them out at the same time, the operation of the World International will be affected."

Although it was the same way as Emily did, there was no use to retain the harmful people in the company, but after all, there was about a third of management staff involved.

It wouldn't

t. But please don't force me to just care about you. I can't do it with only you. "

Emily fixed her eyes on Brian. She thought, 'I can have a try with you. I can fall in love with you and tell you frankly that you are the only one I love.'.

However, she could only promise Brian on this matter. But on other things, she couldn't promise that he will be the only one.

Some day in the future, she might have forgotten Brian because of others. It didn't mean that she didn't care about him. It was the people who were extremely important to her. They were as important as Brian in Emily's heart.

Therefore, she had to make it clear to him. Would he tolerate it or not? She wanted to let him to choose as he want. She would accept everything, but she couldn't help taking back her hand a little.

Emily smiled bitterly. Since when she was afraid of hearing the result from Brian.

But Brian didn't answer. He just stepped forward and hugged her tightly. "Compared with Brian, I prefer you to call me honey."

Emily's faint smile was like the fireworks in the night, bright with a fascinating color.

In this way, Emily's lips pressed on his, anxiously, as if she was going to take all the breath of him.

At first, Brian was a little shocked, but soon he became the controller. In terms of skills, Emily was inferior to Brian. But when facing Emily, Brian didn't use any skills at all. He exerted all his strength to exploring, as if he wanted to integrate the girl in front of him into his flesh and blood, as if the girl in front of him was the only one in his heart.

Emily's shirt was unbuckled and her white shoulders were exposed. Brian kissed all over her collarbone without hesitation.

Her cheeks were slightly red, like a rose after rain at night, delicate and tempting.

"Go inside..." Emily said in a slightly trembling voice. There was a rest bed in the office of Brian. Although she was open, she had not yet dared to perform such a drama on the office desk.

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