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   Chapter 74 Tricks on Others' Heart

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"Even though you are the wife of the president, we are having an internal meeting now and you are not allowed to participate." A man with a square face said.

Emily glanced at the man in a mild manner, but the man who made eye contact with her froze all of a sudden. He couldn't help looking around as if he was stared at by someone, and a chill came over him.

Vincent also admired Emily's gentle eyes that could froze people at the same time.

Mike quietly watched the scene with a pen twirling in his hand. There were a few streaks of mysterious light.

Taking back her eyesight with a slight smile, Emily said: "Oh ~, darling, is there something that I can't take part in?"

She gazed at Brian sweetly, which made her smile even more sweet. It seemed that she could make full use of this moment before he could react.

Vincent almost fell down from the seat out of his carelessness. Mike, who stood beside him, almost crumbed the pen in his hand.

It was such a shock to hear that word "Darling" from Emily. Vincent knew her well. Although Mike didn't get along with her for a long time, he could also guess what kind of person she was.

On the contrary, Brian didn't make any reactions except a bewitching and silly smile. Of course, the pleasure on his face couldn't be ignored.

It surprised Emily that these words would have such a great influence. Looking at the reactions of Brian, Vincent, and Mike, she thought that it was wise for her to call him in that way in the future. In this way, she might see a more wonderful scene.

If Brian had known her thought, he would certainly agree with her. But now, he had no time to guess it. The reason was simple, and his brain was in a muddle.

"Of course not." The word of Brian was a tiny affirmation to Emily, but also a warning to the people here.

It seemed that Emily was not surprised at Brian's answer. But she was still moved by it. Anyway, such an answer was very pleasing to her.

Therefore, she casually pulled up a chair and sat down next to Brian. She had ignored the others automatically. Brian agreed with her actions and Vincent smiled.

"Even if Mr. Brian said so, that's your family business, not official business. What makes you think you can sit there as Mrs. Brian?" Someone sniffed.

Brian had a glance at the man, so he lost his momentum immediately.

In the eyes of others, she was just the wife of the CEO of the company.

They was just calling her in a roundabout way. Besides, all of the management personnel here were in charge of various branches of the World International. How could they show respect for her.

It was obvious that they were afraid of Brian. After all, just a glance from Brian had made them nervous. He have a good imposing manner.

Raising her chin with one of her fingers slightly and looking at the group of peopl

ld International, it is also not a small amount in the profits. Of course, I casually threw it in the auction."

"But Mr. Lu, there is a huge difference between misappropriation and aboveboard cost. I think you are smart enough not to need me to tell you the truth. In these three years, the money you took could have bought one third of the products in the auction that Mr. Vincent held. That's so bold. I'm curious where did you spend that money, but there must be a few people who came together with you to spend it, right? "

Mr. Lu's face turned deathly pale.

"Oh, by the way, I thought of it. Mr. Lu, you must be a gambler. It's a great deal. I don't have that much money, do I?"

Cold sweat started to break out on Mr. Lu's forehead. He had hidden it perfectly. How could it be found out? He stared at Emily and Brian incredibly.

Reluctant to look at the man's face, Emily cast a glance at the square faced man who had just spoken. The man with the square face immediately had a bad feeling.

Looking him, Emily slowly said, "Are you Mr. Mo? Is our Singapore business going well? I suppose so, because you are using our company as a nominal agent and a channel, you must gain a lot. Oh, I heard that you have several companies under your control. I'm really confused. Is Mr. Mo an employee of the World International or the boss of it? Honey, do you need to explain it to me so that I can learn to make it clear? "

Emily was just cracking a joke with him happily, but Brian didn't seem surprised, as if he had expected that. And Emily never doubted that Brian's control over these matters.

"Oh, one more thing. This should be the head office's..." Looking at a foreigner who was sitting next to her, Emily thought for a while, but she couldn't remember who the foreigner was. "Oh, I can't remember your name. For you, I only want to say, even a monkey is smarter than you."

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