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   Chapter 73 No One Is The Sort of Person Like You

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9573

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Emily threw the glass on the table. Some people noticed the sound here and looked here, but they all turned their eyes under the gaze of Zoey.

"Do you know why I don't like you, Ray?"

Tears went down from his hair and wet his shirt. He looked terrible.

"Do you know my sister and my fiancee? I felt the same aura from you. It is too self-righteous to blame all the faults on others."

Ray didn't say anything.

"The world is not fair. Why do you hate others? And why do you envy Brian? My so-called sister destroyed me because of her jealousy, and you took away the Xia group because of your so-called unwillingness. What's the difference between you and her? Both are just annoying people."

"Is there anyone in this world who can be so lucky? Can Brian get everything he wants without any difficulty? Are you blind? His mother left him when he was a few years old, and he went abroad when he was a teenager. He hasn't enjoyed his parents' love in these years. Don't you know why his parents have become like this? Why do you feel wronged? When you are suffering, he is also enduring much torture. "

"Do you think it is that easy to build the whole World International? He didn't use anything from the Yun group. He has been working hard and established the whole World International abroad step by step. Do you know how many years he has worked hard for?"

"People like you won't know that because you care about nothing except for scrambling for the Yun group. You're too narrow-minded. You should know that it's not because you have the ability to kick Brian out of the Yun family, but because he doesn't want to compete with you."

Emily put down the cup angrily, slowly stood up and gently straightened her sleeves.

"For the last few words, not all the bastards are like you. Bastards are also human, and there is a better life waiting for them. It's you who fetter yourselves with rings. It's so ridiculous that you think all the people like you are of the same kind. It's so unfair to others."

Then she left.

"You're just standing on the side of Brian that year. You're the same sort of people with Brian. You've been born with a silver spoon in your mouth. How can you understand us?"

"Haha..." A slight sneer appeared on Emily's face. How could she not understand how he felt? But their choice was different.

"Ray, do you hate the Yun family?" Emily stood still and asked calmly.

Ray was stunned. Did he hate the Yun family? He just wanted to take back what belongs to him. He didn't want to see the two brothers with the same blood had such a big status gap.

"Ha ha, you even can't understand this question. What qualifications do you have to ask me and to compete with Brian?"

Emily didn't stay here any longer. She had been polite enough to Ray.

Emily and Zoey left there. What Emily wanted to say to him were

ked towards the meeting room. His assistant wanted to stop her but was stopped by her angry eyes.

"Am I an idiot who even didn't know that they are in the meeting?"

"Bang!" The door of the meeting room was suddenly pushed open and Emily appeared in front of everyone.

Everybody in the meeting room was stunned by her. Brian hated to be disturbed when having a meeting, which was known by everyone.

Even the meeting held on the Internet wasn't ever interrupted by others. The consequence of this interruption had always been serious. But when they saw Emily appearing outside the door, their expressions became complicated.

Due to the exposure of Brian's identity, everybody knew who Emily was now.

Looking at Emily at the door, Brian stood up and greeted, "I thought you were not interested. Why are you here?"

"I come across an annoying person and am in a bad mood. Come and adjust myself."

Emily said with a smile as she glanced around.

Looking at Emily who was casual, Vincent suddenly felt that today's meeting would be interesting.

Vincent glanced at his assistant who was standing at the door somewhat restlessly and sighed. He was a calm person before, but now he was so restless. It seemed that Emily really had a strong aura.

He motioned his assistant to leave. Seeing that, his assistant moved away quickly and closed the door of the meeting room tightly, as if something bad had happened to the meeting room.

However, Brian didn't care about them at all. Since Emily had joined them, he only cared about her.

There were only a few people that Emily didn't want to see in this city. As for who she met today, it was hard for Brian to guess.

"Why are you still in the meeting? The meeting should have been finished long ago. Since when has the World International become so inefficient?"

Hearing that, all the people in the meeting room changed their faces.

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