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   Chapter 72 A Repugnant Person

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Mike seemed to accept her identity. With a smile on her face, she thought that she was more and more difficult to get rid of this identity. Now that she had revealed her real identity, she accepted it reluctantly.

"You're welcome." Although Emily didn't know Mike clearly, she knew that they were brother as friends.

Mike replied decisively. Now that Emily said so, Mike was not an unreasonable person.

Brian and Vincent knew what did it mean when Mike said Emily. Mike cherished Brian very much and was willing to do anything for him.

So Brian admitted that Emily was his sister-in-law, which meant that he only accepted her as his sister-in-law. Although he had left the family of Dylan, he would never lose that cognition.

Emily was efficient enough to ask Charles to contact Jim. Although Emily didn't know the way of the investigation, Charles would find a way to get the answer.

Sometimes, Emily wondered whether Charles had installed GPS devices on someone's body. Otherwise, he wouldn't have known so clearly. It was just obvious that somebody didn't include her.

On the other side of the Yun group, a hint of bad mood emerged on Ray's face when he heard the reports from the workers.

"Why does Fern run counter to us?" Because of a cooperation project, Fern wouldn't do anything that irrational to destroy the company's reputation in Ray's impression.

"Yes, they have a very clear attitude."

Ray asked while clasping his fingertips against the table lightly. He didn't seem to expect such a situation. In recent years, Fern had been unhurried, so they scrambled for the cooperation.

Nothing could be settled before a final decision was made in business field. So they dared to get involved before Fern hadn't succeeded in cooperating with the company. However, this method seemed to work on Fern as well.

But Ray didn't expect that Fern would oppose the Yun group like this. After all, there were very few people who dared to provoke the Yun group. Did Fern have this power? Did he make a mistake again?

He waved his hand and asked the workers to leave. He rubbed his head and walked out of the office to make a cup of coffee.

"Mr. Ray, you have made a wrong judgment this time..."

"Exactly. Who would have thought that Mr. Brian would be the CEO of the World International... Oh my God, he is the CEO of the World International. It is even more powerful than the Yun group. Mr. Brian is really not the son of our CEO, so the vice president... "

"Who knows the story of these great families? But this is the difference between Mr. Brian and our vice president. It's obvious..."

"By the way, don't forget that our vice president is our president's bastard in the rumor..."


"Vice president...." Their faces changed.

Taking a look at them and not saying anything, Ray turned around and returned to his office. He sat on the sofa, and what they had just said clearly echoed in his ears.

He was an illegitimate child and Brian was the CEO of the World International. With a bitter smile on his face, he thought that he had devoted himself to the company. However


It was a cup of fresh tea again. Emily was really bored with the tea.

"No, thanks. She is not used to drinking tea." Zoey slightly stopped Ray's action to pour the tea for Emily.

Upon hearing this, Ray put down the bowl with a smile and called a glass of water for her. After all, there was only water here except tea.

"Miss Emily, you are so popular here." Said Ray flatly.

"I'm always popular here. Don't you think it's a little boring to talk about this with me?"

"Brian is so lucky." Ray still replied calmly.

"He has always had a good taste."

"That's true. Now he does have a good sight." Said Ray sadly.

"Well, are you frustrated? I thought you were in high spirits a few days ago. Let me guess what happened, you were frustrated by the exposure of the CEO of the World International!"

Emily said bluntly, which made Ray stop what he was doing and he said nothing. Instead, his eyes were full of gloom.

"It seems that you were not only beaten, but also a little jealous!"

Emily was skilled at reading people's faces. The change of Ray's expression couldn't escape from her eyes.

What he was thinking about seemed to be said by Emily. A strong sense of unwillingness burst out of his gentle eyes.

"So what if I am jealous? Can't I be jealous? When he was a child, there was nothing that he couldn't get. When he was enjoying his luxurious life, I was pointed at by others, lived frugal life only for money. When he had the most distinguished identity, I was bullied in a corner. Why could he get everything, while I was not able to with the same bloodline was him? I worked hard to improve myself. I has gradually appeared on the stage of the business world, obtained recognition, and received so-called attention. Finally, I stands higher than him, but now all my efforts have turned into a joke. He obtained everything without efforts. Shouldn't I be jealous? "

Before Ray finished his words, he heard a sound of bang. All of a sudden, a glass of water was poured in his face.

"You're so ugly. You should wash yourself clean."

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