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   Chapter 71 The Godfather of Charles

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This matter was finally over. Without the instruction of Brian and Emily, Vincent and Mike would not talk nonsense.

What's more, Emily didn't reveal her real identity to them, and she couldn't tell them for the time being. A woman who changed her face to another one at the expense of her memory loss must have a complicated background.

On the other hand, the fact that Emily had a close relationship with the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion must be unusual. Since Brian had chosen to stand by Emily's side, of course they would support her.

Moreover, if they were protecting Emily, Vincent would be very pleased to do that. He liked Emily very much as his sister-in-law. Although Mike didn't say much, he believed that Emily wasn't that sort of person who was hesitant. She was as attractive as Brian.

"By the way, Emily, the Xia clan followed your advice and didn't stop..." Vincent said jokingly.

"Oh, it seems that something interesting has happened." Emily casually leaned against the desk in front of Brian.

Brian walked to one side, made a cup of coffee and handed it to Emily. He took the coffee with deep sincerity, which was the taste that he liked.

Seeing Brian's action, Vincent smiled and said nothing. Mike looked at him calmly.

"It seems that Emily has already expected it," Seeing that Emily was not surprised at all, Vincent knew that these actions should have been expected by her.

Emily didn't deny at all, "What did they do?"

"They have lost some cooperative partners, and some new partners have been replaced. At the same time, they had received some new money."

In such a short time, they had signed a few more contracts with them and give a new capital into it. Although it was only a small amount of money and the cooperation was not as good as before, their reaction and ability were excellent, weren't they?

What's more, after what happened to the Xia's Company, no one wanted to have connections with the Xia's Company, not to mention helping the Xia's Company. At this time, the person who invested money in the Xia's Company either wanted to invest the Xia's Company or took over the Xia's Company, but obviously it should be the first one.

"Emily, what are you going to do?" Now, Vincent also understood why Emily behaved like that when she faced the Xia Company.

"No matter who I am, I'm still Tristan's daughter. No one can change this fact."

What she said was very clear to prove her attitude towards the Xia clan. She would not let the Xia Company be destroyed but she wouldn't inherit it either.

"He should be back soon." Said Emily, taking a sip of his coffee.

"We can't hide anything from you, Emily."

"Don't worry about the Xia clan. Someone will handle it. The Xia Company will have a new successor!"

Vincent said no more. While Brian was listening, he wanted to let Emily decide the survival of the Xia Company all by herself.

"Did Sean offend you recently?" Mike replied. He had heard a brief introduction

mysterious and rarely comes back. Who knows where he is?"

His anger seemed not to be pretended. Emily just smiled.

"All right, all right. I'm going to hang up."

"Wait, what do you want from that stinking brat? Are you sick? "

Her voice was full of anxiety which was rare to see in such a loud voice. Hearing that, Derek became speechless.

"What are you talking about? I'm in good health."

"Then why are you looking for that brat?" Obviously, he didn't believe it at all.

Damn! Emily was speechless. It seemed that he didn't believe what she said now.

"I need his help. Ask him to come here and see a person. What can you do for me?"

The old man got relaxed a little bit as if he was sure that Emily was not a liar.

"I don't want to talk to him anymore. Go and find him yourself."

The old man knew that only Emily and Charles could make that kid come with a call within one second. As his father, he had to step aside. He thought if he had never done anything wrong to have such a son.

"No wonder Jim doesn't want to stay at home. He have to stay with you every day at home. Even I can't stand it."

"You bad girl..."

"Bye!" Emily had to evacuate before the man let out a thunderous roar again.

"What's up?" Brian asked.

"Don't worry. He just had nothing to do and had a lot of complaints. It's okay as long as I don't care about it."

Vincent uttered a deep sigh. Perhaps in the face of the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion, only Emily was able to speak in that tone.

"Jim?" Brian told her who she had referred just now.

"Yes, he is my brother. He is a good doctor. It's a piece of cake for him to remove the scar on Mike's hand."

Mike was stunned. He didn't expect that she would take it so seriously. He thought she just mentioned it casually.

Mike cast a glance at the bruise on his arm. He used to be proud of it, but now it hurt him. If he had a choice, he hoped that he had never had such a bruise. But now...

"Thank you, Miss Emily."

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