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   Chapter 70 Change Face Through Surgery

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 10108

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"Seven years might change a person's character, but there is always something in the bones that can't be erased. The Xia clan shouldn't have a friend from the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion. Seven years ago, Emily didn't know John at all. More importantly, Tristan and his wife only had one child, and there was no brother you mentioned..." Brian said that calmly, so he guessed something in his heart a long time ago.

"It turns out that I have made many mistakes!" Emily sighed with emotions.

"It's all because you are not going to restrain yourself since the very beginning." If Emily restrained herself, Brian believed that he wouldn't have found it so easily.

"So, Mr. Brian, even if you have already seen through me, that doesn't change your mind!"

"Why should I change? I like your nature. Of course, I like the color on your face." Brian's answer without hesitation made her burst into laughter.

"You are really brave."

"But I think you have known it from the very beginning!"

Looking at Brian indifferently, Emily said, "Yes, you're right. This face..." Emily slightly grabbed Brian's hand and made him touch her cheek again. "Yes, it is not mine." she said.

Because what Brian had said surprised them earlier, they didn't react too much this time, but there was still a trace of astonishment in their eyes.

"Plastic surgery?" Brian asked.

"Sort of." Emily replied in a low voice.

"Amazing skill!" Brian didn't sense anything wrong. Although cosmetic surgeries were very developed in this world, there were still certain risks. Emily had completely changed into another person without any trace, and the skills to do it were several or less.

"Hey, Mr. Brian, what you care about is really different from others."

No one could have expected such a result before. It was surprising that the one who was changed into someone else's face was still alive. Hearing that everyone couldn't help thinking. On the contrary, Brian was very calm. He really didn't care who she was or ask why she appeared in front of everyone with such a face. It was incredible.

"Oh? What do you want me to pay attention to? Your real identity or your purpose? I don't care about those things, and what I care about is only you, Emily. "

"Even though my identity is a trouble!"

"I said I didn't care!"

It was rare to be honest and sincere, so she was not sure whether she would escape from that or not. Perhaps she had been uncertain ever since she promised Brian to have a try.

Looking at the man in front of her, Emily thought that he really had the ability to shatter other people's masks. But after a while, she didn't say anything. In the beginning, she didn't know what to say, but at last she smiled with relief.

"I changed my face when I didn't know it. Although I was not very happy when I got to know that, now it's my memory, and I have to take responsibility."

"The Xia clan?"

The smile on Emily's face made Brian more sensitive. "Since I have the same face as Emily, aren'

t Mike. Mike nodded and looked at Emily thoughtfully, but eventually he became quiet.

Emily knew Mike's doubts about her identity. All that she could say had been said. It wasn't the time to bring the rest things up.

Of course, if they could investigate her true identity, she wouldn't stop them. But would they be able to do so? She was interested in how powerful and influential the force was behind Brian.

"Are you curious?" Brian knew what was in Emily's eyes.

"Curious!" Emily didn't intend to hide it. Besides, it was unnecessary for her to hide it from Brian.

"Don't you ask? If you ask me, I will tell you. "

"I don't want to ask." "Since you don't ask me, there is no need for me to haggle over. I will know it at the right time," she said with a calm smile.

Brian gave a bland smile, adding unconcealed tenderness to his enchanting face.

Vincent had already got used to the way that Brian and Emily flirted with each other. But Mike looked at them thoughtfully again.

After all, Vincent realized that Emily and Brian got along well with each other. While Mike hadn't had an impression of the two of them since he went out for a while. He knew them from the others and some materials.

Vincent looked at Mike. He knew that if Mike looked down upon Emily, he would definitely lose. Mike looked at Vincent speechlessly. He couldn't underestimated the woman who was able to threaten him with one move.

Thus, Vincent felt quite depressed, thinking that his status was so offensive.

Brian and Emily automatically ignored the eyes of the other two men there. It seemed like something had occurred to them. "Charles doesn't know about this yet. Don't let him know for the moment. I'll tell him in person in a few days."

"Okay." Brian said yes. He knew that Emily was worried about Charles, but was it true that Charles really didn't know it? After all, he was very clever and often played the trick of pretending to be weak. Thinking of this, Brian smiled with a relief.

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