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   Chapter 69 The Doubt About Emily

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 10198

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"You seem to be slow this time. Are you having your brain in a tangle when you were abroad?" Vincent said. In the past, Mike could only to investigate the matter for two or three days at most, but now the investigation time seemed to be a bit longer.

"Are you in trouble?" Brian asked casually.

"Someone is hiding her traces, but they were not stopping soon, but..." Mike didn't say anything. He looked at Brian.

Brian already knew what Mike was talking about. These were some materials about Emily since she was born, especially when she had been abroad for the seven years. Nine years ago, due to the accident of memory loss, it had become the boundary for Emily from nine years ago.

Nine years ago, Emily was as gentle and soft as usual. When she was arrogant, she was not arrogant and wild like now. When she was engaged with Sawyer in the past two years after she lost her memory, she was still gentle, but there was always a feeling of change in her heart. It was probably only the Mr. and Mrs. Tristan knew it clearly.

While in the past seven years, there were only some common and serious experience about Emily, including going to give birth, learning and doing business. But the only difference was that there were only two photos. Brian looked at the environment, one of them should be taken when she was in an underground gambling car abroad. The other one was that her face was covered with blood. It might have been shot by accident when she was fighting against someone.

These two photos were shocking. Moreover, before going abroad, Emily had never gambled in any car, not to mention any skills in gambling. Could someone suddenly know everything? "Is that all?"

"For the time being, either the people who protect her are powerful or these things are all, but I prefer the former."

Mike said. He found it inconceivable when he did the investigation. The change was so obvious that he seemed to have thrown all his strength on the cotton, which was the first time he had the feeling of bumping against the wall.

"Not many forces in Italy can compare with yours now." Vincent said.

"The Heavenly Wolf Pavilion." Brian said.

"Really? Do you think the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion is something about her?"

Mike didn't overreact. He frowned.

The Heavenly Wolf Pavilion had an unshakable position in Italy. Especially now, the Mafia was not as strong as before. It had become the new rich, the biggest group in Italy. At the same time. Nobody dared to provoke it in the world. Will Emily have anything to do with it? Vincent doubted about that.

Brian didn't reply. He stared at the bloody picture and they didn't know what he was thinking about.

At this time, he thought that Emily had already walked into the building of the World International waving the car key. Looking at her appearance, no one dared to prevent her. After all, she was the wife of the president of the World International, and she waved slightly to let them not inform Brian. Then she got on the building with ease and she fel


"If you likes it, just take it. But I think you had done more than that when you were abroad."

"I see. Mr. Brian has already looked into it. The result is here. If you suspect it, you can look into it again." She didn't care about it at all.

"The trace of the existence of you was removed. It should have been deliberately done by someone. Who could do this in the place where you was located, and in Italy's capital, it should be the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion!" Brian looked at Emily. With a faint smile on her face, Emily said, "Mr. Brian, what else have you guessed?"

"Wyon is from the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion." Brian said. He had felt the darkness from Wyon earlier, but now it seemed that he could explain it clearly.

But Emily didn't say anything.

"You said you had been grounded for seven years abroad. No one without powerful forces was able to keep you under control. Besides, Charles is good at martial arts. The current leader of the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion should be Charles's adoptive grandfather." Brian said calmly.

"Crack, crack, crack..." Emily had already begun to applaud, and the loud sound spread through the whole office.

"As the CEO of the World International, you guessed it right." But that was a positive answer. Brian smiled and said, "Thank you for your praise."

"You're welcome, Mr. Brian. But have you only guessed that? Oh, No." Emily had a hunch that this was not all he could guess.

"Emily..." Then Brian stood up and swept his finger across Emily's face. Upon seeing that, Emily was stunned as if her secret was going to be spied. "Who on earth are you?" he asked. He was as calm as usual.

People present were shocked by what Brian said. Although they also felt doubtful, their doubt was just a doubt not the truth.

"What kind of soul is hidden in this face?" Brian's hand still gently ran down Emily's cheek.

"Why don't you tell me the reason?" Emily also faced Brian very calmly. For the time being, she didn't reveal any other emotions except calmness.

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