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   Chapter 68 A Dilemma

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 10272

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In the eyes of Adam, the rogue, loser who had nothing to do turned out to be the CEO of the World International. He thought it was ridiculous and attract many people's attention.

Although he wasn't the focus of people's attention at the moment, he could feel that the sarcastic sights of the people would be focused on him for the long future.

Ray had noticed Adam's change. But he couldn't say anything. Brian's identity had surprised him a lot. He thought of what he had done in the past few years and what he had done now which was totally out of his expectation. Now Brian was elegant and unrestrained like a gentleman. It was impossible for people to have anything to do with his stupidity.

How narrow-minded they are, or how successful Brian's disguise is. Ray just laughed at himself for that he just won the whole Yun group. He thought I was in the advantageous position, but now he sees Brian as an enemy, and his defensive people are not at the same level with him. His every move should be a clown in the eyes of others, and he was also fooled by him. 'What a fool I am!' Ray thought. How ironic!

Hearing that, Alice and John took a look at each other. Both of them were surprised, but they hid their emotions very well. They knew that Emily's choice was not simple, but they didn't expect that Brian would be the president of the World International. Furthermore, John hadn't thoroughly investigated the whole matter even if he wanted to investigate it.

However, it was impossible for Brian to match up with Emily without such power. Moreover, in the future, they had to face the matters that could not be controlled by just a CEO of the World International.

After a short pause, Sara came to her senses and said, "You're welcome, Mr. Vincent. I should thank you for giving me the opportunity to witness the beauty of the CEO of the World International. I think it's an excellent opportunity."

Sara said sincerely. Brian gave her a smile.

As Charles looked around, a cunning smile spread across his face. 'Are you all shocked? Do you decide to change your view now? You might be regretting, but it was too late. After all, Brian was my mother's now, and it was my responsibility to teach him a lesson if someone wanted to bully her.' He thought. After all, he liked his father more. Besides, his mother was also like his father, and he wanted to protect his possessions.

The dancing party at night had begun, but it seemed that except for Brian and Emily, there were few people who could enjoy the music feast with ease after hearing such news.

Well, except for Sara and Charles, as well as Alice and Vincent. As Sara carried Charles to the side for food, it was obvious that she quite liked him. While Alice just had a cold face, while Vincent had been smiling gently all the time. However, this couple looked quite strange, but it was rare that they were not affected.

On the other hand, after Adam and Ray knew who Brian was, they left the party. Standing in the corner, Sawyer quietly sat in a corner. Occasionally, he woul

their excited expressions, Mike smiled. He was undoubtedly the most popular man in the World International besides Vincent before Brian announced his identity. If Vincent was the croupier in summer, then he was the plum blossom in winter. He looked noble and elegant.

"How do you feel like going out for a while?" Vincent said, patting Mike on the shoulder.

"You can go out and have a try." Gazed coldly.

"Forget it. It's better for you to appear in such official occasions for those old men."

"How is it going?" Brian said.

"No problem. Punish one as a warning to others." Mike gave an efficient answer.

"Those old men are doing this to us. Do they know who makes their business safe?" Said Vincent.

With a pen point in his hand, Brian said, "Since something is wrong, if they take any action again, just go and clean it up. I want absolute safety in the whole World International." They found it difficult to ignore Brian's imposing manner.

"I guess those who want to take advantage of the loopholes will be sad." The moment Brian showed up, they dared not to move. It was almost the end of the world.

Brian had to ensure the whole World International's stabilization. In the past, Brian liked to see them struggle and finally implement their final plan, but now he wanted to deal with it from the beginning. He wanted to clear up the people who did something behind him first. He wanted to make Emily and Charles in the world a guarantee of safety, so that he would not let others get into the World International. The only thing he wanted to do now was to clear up the mess. Even though he was a little too careful, he could still be extremely careful when it came to Emily and Charles.

Vincent seemed to understand why Brian behaved like this. Mike didn't want to say anything, and he had wanted to get rid of those people long before. So Brian's behavior was just what he wanted. He said, "This is the investigation material." Mike said as he put the paper in front of Brian, who immediately knew what it was.

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