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   Chapter 67 The Real CEO Of The World International

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 10103

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"Do you have any idea?" After all, the Yun family was not easy to mess with now.

"Be careful?" Emily played with her fingers and said, "I'll buy it for you. I appreciate Miss Sara very much. Besides, you two have a deep relationship. Do you have the heart to watch them being together?"

"Oh, I don't mind at all!"

"Humph!" Emily just ignored him, "Don't eat. It's time for you to show up, Charles."

"Really? I'm here to enjoy the show, not to work for it."

"Well, it's so rare for you to show your charm with me paying a large amount of money. If you want to be popular, you won't refuse it. Sara is like a goddess surrounded by so many people. How can I admire a child like you? Alas, I'm thinking too much."

Charles couldn't bear this anymore. If he still paid no attention to these insulting words, he was not Charles anymore. "Ten million dollars!" Charles's soft and childish voice attracted the attention of the crowd. With the petite figure swaying in front of them, Charles looked arrogant and supercilious. As a result, both of Emily and Brian merely smiled calmly, as if they had acquiesced in his action.

Upon hearing this, Ray cast a glance at him. He had expected that someone would come to stop him, but he didn't expect that it was Charles who raised the price to him. So he looked away from Emily and Brian and said, "Twenty million!"

The color drained from Adam's face. Actually, he was not happy at all when he was humiliated by a child. That was why he supported Ray's idea.

"Fifty million!" 'Damn it! How dare you raise the price with me? Don't you know that I have thrown away two hundred million at the auction? You are such a dirty rat!' thought Charles.

The people had no choice but to look at the family of three sitting there leisurely. They thought that Charles really got the heritage of Brian, who was so similar when spending money for a beautiful woman.

But would this kind of feud really be fine? And could Brian compete with the Yun group? There should be no way. So what was Brian going to do? Nobody knew.

Ray narrowed his eyes and wondered if he should raise the price. He could afford these money, but it didn't mean that they could raise without a limit.

"Raise!" Adam thought that he couldn't let Brian win him in such an occasion.

"Eighty million!" Since his father had voiced out his opinion, Ray naturally followed his father's orders.

It seemed that they were going to compete against him to the end of the competition. Anyway, his mommy said she wouldn't care how much he offered. It's rare that his mommy was so generous to him. How could he not be grateful? Let him squander one hundred million dollars again! He shouted, "One hundred million!"

One hundred million to invite someone to dance was indeed a rare price. Even the expression of Sara changed slightly. She wanted to raise money, but she didn't want people like Brian to compete with others for her.

After all, Charles was the son of Brian. Thinking of the situati

Bending over, he raised one of his hands to invite her. With a faint smile on her face, she handed it to him without any hesitation. "Then thank you for taking care of me, Mr. Brian. No, boss. I don't want to disappoint such a beautiful night."

What they did shocked everyone present. What did they mean? Didn't the CEO of the World International invite Emily to dance, but why did it suddenly turn into Brian? And there was no objection in Vincent's smile. What was wrong with such a subtle atmosphere and such a strange atmosphere?

Wait a minute. They guessed the man whom Emily just mentioned in front of them is the CEO of the World International, Brian... Oh my God! The answer came out in front of the people. One is the second young master of the Yun family, who is always frivolous and ignorant, and one is the CEO of the World International, who is invincible in business. Is it possible that they are actually identities of a man? No way! It must be a joke! All the people turned to look at Vincent with doubting eyes. After all, Vincent was the one who knew the CEO of the World International most.

With a slight smile on his face, Vincent said, "Are you dissatisfied with our CEO's appearance? Can't you let Mr. Brian express his love for Emily in public too much? We will lend your stage for a second, Miss Sara. Please don't mind it. We will hold a press conference later, and I hope all of you can give more advice in the future."

Everyone's brain was messy, and it was totally unbelievable. But now, Vincent had clearly proved that Brian was the behind CEO of the World International. This news would definitely shock the whole city, or even not only the whole city. When thinking of the World International's influence, it was likely that there would be a fluctuation in the international business.

The expression was pretty bad on Adam's face. The World International had much more influences than the Yun Company in the world, and he had driven this great power out of the family.

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