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   Chapter 66 A Dance

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The money used to buy the corresponding items could also be donated directly. No matter in which way they bid, everything was voluntary, and it was different from the auction. It was in the same way to bid with the auction. But the people bought the items, and the people who paid were also them. But they did it just for charity, for the benefit of the society.

No matter how much money they spent, the people present seemed not to care about it. There was always a first prize for every party like this, and the so-called first prize was dancing. The most exciting part of the party was this place where people could pay some money to invite his admirers to dance, and if they want to rejected, they had to give a higher price until one of them was willing to or one of them gave up.

Both men and women can participate. They are raising money, so everyone has nothing to worry about. However, there is one person who has the highest payment can invite any person present, only this can't be refused. Sara got it every year. After all, there are many men who want to dance with her.

Emily, Brian and Vincent sat down on the couch, and Charles was eating with a plate of dessert.

Their things were of course very good, but Emily had no interest in them.

"Well, Ms. Vincent, are you going to give things, money or both?" Emily was boring and teased Vincent.

"Brian is the key role of the drama today. I'm not going to be there."

Yes, he was right. The thought of saving money was in line with that of Emily. She looked at the bidders around them and saw that Ray would spend one million buying a ink stone. Although Sawyer was a little affected a few days ago, he wasn't weak to make him give up completely due to the gossips, he bid for a painting with one million that Emily couldn't understand.

Alice won a piece of jade which looked pretty good, and all the people were very kind. Emily touched the bracelet on her wrist. After the auction last time, she wore it on her wrist. It was like a token of love for them as Brian said. After all, she did not pay a penny for the price of 200 million. All the money of the auction held by Vincent at the beginning would be Brian's in the end. It should be okay to take the money from her own pocket. Emily thought with a smile.

"That's not funny at all. If I were them, I would have piles of food on my hands. I would definitely make higher prices than them." Said Charles.

Being a bit annoyed, Emily and Brian glared at Charles and said, "Only a kid like you has such ridiculous thoughts. If the people are like you, their business will be destroyed." Emily was totally convinced by her son.

"So what? I'm very kind-hearted and I will devote all my heart to charity."

"Young master, you are so heartless. What are you going to do? Are you going to sell your body?"

Emily rested her eyes on him for a few

t what was happening in front of her, Emily thought that Vincent seemed to have a special feeling for Alice. But she didn't know what exactly this feeling contained, so she didn't say much now.

All of a sudden, the party came into a lively atmosphere with Vincent's fierce shouting.

"I'll give you five million for a dance with Miss Sara!" The familiar voice sounded. It was Ray. Adam who stood beside him seemed to support him. Squinting slightly, Emily said, "Are they trying to hook up with Sara?"

"Adam always knows what the best is. He likes the power behind Sara, and Ray has always obeys his orders, whether it is superficial or pretended."

"But I'm curious what he want is Duane clan before. Why does his goal turn into Sara?" Emily was curious about that.

"Uncle Duane is not that kind of friend. Adam knows that very well,"

The Duane family's relationship was Brian's grandfather's. Brian was the one for this combined marriage, but it wouldn't be Ray. The Duane family wouldn't accept Ray. Even if Brian didn't marry to the Duane family and even though Adam was probably powerful, the Duane family would finally stand behind him. Brian was quite confident about that.

"Oh, I feel like you have a close relationship with the Duane family!"

"Uncle Duane is my respected elder. I'll take you to see him when I'm free."

When he cut off with Adam, uncle Duane also called to greet him. Although it was only a few short words, it was enough to express his concern.

"It's not easy to have an elder that you care about so much. I'd like to have a look."

Brian was indifferent to both Ray and Adam, which, of course, was a reason for him indifference. Few people were cared about by Brian from what he said. "But what are we going to do now? Let them succeed in their plan?"

On the other hand, Sara wouldn't refuse the invitation. As the host of the party, she had no reason to refuse it.

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