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   Chapter 65 The Party

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"Haha..." Sara covered her face with her hands and smiled. It was rare for her to be in such a good mood. "Miss Emily, you are so humorous. It is lucky for Brian to meet you." Sara explained in relief.

"Not necessarily. Maybe I'm his disaster. After all, he's been damaging for so long. It's normal that God sends someone to punish him." Still with a smile on her face, Emily said in a casual way.

"Of course not."

Sara said confidently. Then she turned to Brian and said, "Miss Emily is a rare beauty. You should cherish her since you meet her. I wish you happiness. You don't have to pay attention to others. They are just jealous. I have something to deal with. Thank you for coming to my party. "

Sara took her leave gracefully, and her steps were more relaxed than when she came.

"A lovely woman." Emily sighed. She could tell that there was a real feeling between Brian and Sara. Therefore, Sara turned around at the very beginning. She said that she didn't expect to be in love with Brian for her whole life and she was just satisfied to be with him for a short time, which seemed to be her real feeling at that time.

But in the end, she didn't completely give up on him, but this time she did. Maybe Emily liked this kind of girl who was just straightforward.

"Otherwise, why would there be so many men from wealthy families in T City pursue her?"

She didn't know when Vincent flashed by. He was always elegant and graceful in such kind of banquet. It was difficult to find out that he was the CEO of the World International. Perhaps such an indifferent smile had become the best poison to paralyze his opponents. Sure enough, the people around Brian were all disguised deeply.

"Oh, you are one of them, are you?" Vincent almost spat out the wine in his mouth, and the corners of his mouth twitched a little. "You think too much," he said.

"You're right. I'm afraid Miss Sara won't take a fancy to you."

Hearing that, Vincent was speechless. He had just accidentally asked Emily to help Brian deal with a file. Now he realized that there was no need to make fun of her in this way. It seemed that she had a grudge against him for a long time.

Charles patted on Vincent to comfort him. He agreed with him.

Many people couldn't believe that Vincent was this close to Brian. After all, Vincent didn't have such a close relationship with anyone. They couldn't help but wonder if there was something between Vincent and Brian.

But they had never heard of it before. Before the crowd could realize it, another man attracted the attention of the crowd. How could they not have gone to such an occasion? Adam and Ray were obviously stunned here when they saw Emily and Brian. It seemed that they didn't expect it at all before, but they seemed to have a glance at Sara in the distance and knew why immediately. They expressionlessly went in and said hello to the people they knew.

Amused by the man

idn't understand why they were so good to him, the sadness in their eyes made him heartbroken.

"Uncle, auntie, I'm looking forward to seeing your gifts."

"Okay." Alice nodded and said excitedly.

"This is not a good place to talk. Let's talk later."

It was not until John interrupted Alice that she realized there were already many people looking at them around. After calming herself down, she said to them, "I'll go first."

Emily didn't know who she was talking to, but she had a slight smile on her face. John turned around to avoid talking about Brian and Emily, and he said nothing in the end.

"Do you know Miss Alice?" John asked curiously. After all, Alice overreacted to Charles just now.

"I know John." Although the answer was not direct, it was kind of an answer. Hearing that, Vincent became more curious and looked at Brian.

Brian just smiled at him, and Charles also thought about it for a while. He obviously felt that they treated him like this because of his mother. But what was the relationship between his mother and them? They looked at each other, without saying anything.

Emily didn't explain too much. She just wanted to see what would they guess out.

Almost all the people had arrived, but the Xia clan didn't show up yet. It seemed that the business of the Xia clan was really busy these days. Sara was saying some bragging words such as 'It's a great honor for you to come, ' and so on on the stage. However, it was a kind of pleasure for Sara to say so. After all, she was beautiful and eye-catching. Moreover, she seemed very graceful when she spoke. People really appreciated that.

The so-called raising money is, of course, contributing things or money. The present people are neither short of money nor lack of things. The day before the banquet of selling the things, they have handed over the donated things to the corresponding people to sign up, and then they will have to bid in public tonight.

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